Church Officers

Four officers are elected each year to fill functions necessary to smooth operation of the church: a moderator, assistant treasurer, assistant secretary, and membership secretary.

Board meeting minutes

To access the full text of Board meeting minutes, members can log in to the membership portal and select Groups and then Members, or contact the Secretary at


Board Meeting Summaries

  • On April 28, 2021, the Board of Trustees:
    • Received updates from the Treasurer on the church’s finances for the third quarter.
    • Discussed the most recent draft of the FY22 budget, touching on the congregation’s main priorities, including minimizing the deficit and bringing staff salaries into compliance with UUA guidelines.
    • Decided to have a conversation with the congregation about whether to update the church’s Goals next year.
    • Passed a groundbreaking set of updates to incorporate the 8th Principle into All Souls’ Policy Governance Framework.
    • For full meeting minutes, please contact Board Secretary MJ Crom at
On March 24, 2021, the Board of Trustees met and discussed topics including the unhoused guests sleeping in the church’s portico, the new security policy, and executive limitations.
  • On February 24th, the Board of Trustees:
    • Received a presentation from the Executive Director of the first highlights from the FY2022 budget proposal, which included considerations for the re-opening of the church, technology updates, the 200th Anniversary celebration, committees, programs, and personnel.
    • Decided to extend the interim ministry period by one year and to hold discernment sessions with the Congregation to explore alternatives to having a solo Senior Minister, such as having two co-equal ministers. Decided not to move forward at this time with the recommendation to hire a co-equal contract minister, but emphasized the need to hire a minister of color.
  • On January 27th, the Board of Trustees:  
    • Created a Bicentennial Commission, an ad-hoc group that will coordinate all the ideas emerging about the 200th anniversary celebration. 
    • Reviewed a financial management report from the Executive Director, and discussed updating our financial and fundraising policies. 
    • Received the Treasurer’s quarterly report, which included good news about core donations and investments. 
    • Asked the Governance Committee to begin work reviewing the Board Committees and committee policies.
  •  On December 16th, the Board of Trustees:
    • Voted to ask the Governance Committee to draft a bylaws amendment that will reduce the size of the Board to nine voting members, including the Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Discussed Board recruitment with the LDNC, focusing on skills and interest areas that it would be useful to recruit in future Trustees.
    • Decided to schedule conversations with the congregation about the possibility of extending the interim period from two years to three.
    • Gave the Executive Team feedback about the format and content of their monthly and quarterly reports.
    • Learned exciting news from the Executive Director: All Souls is now listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places!
  • On November 18th, the Board of Trustees:
    Received a report on the church’s safety study
    • Discussed the 200th anniversary initial planning.
    • Thoroughly discussed recommendations from the Transformation Team about the ministerial transition, ministerial team, and coordination of the transformation process.
    • Discussed the duties of the Committee on Ministry during the interim period.
    • Discussed the current status of the budget and donations, as well as fundraising ideas. For the period July – Oct, core Donations are $107K below budget. Strong November and December donations will be key to closing this gap.