Congregational Care

Let’s be there for each other.

Congregational Care is at the center of All Souls community life. If you want to celebrate a joy, mourn a loss, or ask for accompaniment for yourself or others, please be in touch.

All staff help support the ways we connect across programs and gatherings. Let them know of any question or concern you have in Congregational Care.

There is an advisory group of lay leaders who think about how we manage congregational care across the many systems of All Souls. For more information, contact Rev. Louise Green, who is the half-time Minister of Congregational Care. The address for general issues is

Rev. Louise is also the point person for pastoral care appointments, memorials, and the weekly Sunday list for Congregational Care in services. To be in touch on these areas:

As All Souls continues to evolve as a Beloved Community that welcomes all souls, we proclaim that caring for each other is core to the work. Thank you for your presence, and your participation in supporting one another.

Joys and Concerns

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