Adult Spiritual Development

Join us on a lifelong journey to deepen our connections to the sacred.

Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.
Margaret Fuller

At All Souls we believe that every human being is of inherent worth and dignity and that each of us is endowed with what our forebears called “powers of the soul.” We hold within us the power to imagine and create, to discern what is worthy of our devotion, to make meaning of our lives, and to build profound connections with others.

Deepening our connection the sacred, and becoming more fully aware of the expanse of our own souls, is the work of Adult Spiritual Development.

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Courses, events, and retreats support and challenge us as we explore and expand our Unitarian Universalist identity, integrate spirituality and justice work, and work to build the beloved community. In the process we grow closer to one another, and closer to that “transcendent mystery and wonder” that is at the core of human existence.

Our offerings are designed to meet a variety of needs, interests, and learning styles. We are eager for feedback and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

New This Spring

After-Hour Conversations

Sunday mornings after service, 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

This spring, we are expanding our opportunities to connect with one another. We’ll continue the free-flowing conversation in coffee hour, of course, while adding space for discussions on particular topics, ranging from sermon talk-backs to story-telling opportunities to learning about church governance—and much more! Stay on the same Zoom call after service to find the breakout rooms.

Here are a few of the programs already scheduled; watch your e-newsletter and the website for regular updates.

Sunday, March 14

Nature’s Revelation: Sermon Talk-back with Rev. Louise Green. What are your stories of Nature from Year One of the pandemic? Come share your experiences, whether they involved looking out your window, rambling in a park, or driving somewhere new.

Sunday, March 21

In the Room Where it Happens: Governance Discussion with Rev. Kathleen Rolenz. At All Souls there is no “room where it happens,” because our policies and practices of governance are transparent. BUT – they are only as transparent as we in the Congregation are involved in learning about them. All Souls adopted policy-based governance in 2003, but what policy governance system makes sense for us now in 2021? What does it mean to do church well, and how can we together make that happen?  

Sunday, March 28

If the Walls Could Talk: Storytelling with Rev. Kathleen Rolenz. The building contains 200 years of stories. Do you know (m)any of them?  As part of the 200th anniversary, Rev. Rolenz would like to hear YOUR stories: how you came to All Souls, what kept you here, what friendships you made, who do you miss?  What movements of the mind, heart, or spirit have you been a part of? Who should we reach out to as part of our 200th anniversary celebration? Who should be included in the list of those now in blessed memory?

Sunday, April 4

Threatened by Resurrection: Sermon Talk-back with Rev. Kathleen Rolenz. This Sunday marks both the celebration of Easter and the end of Passover. What memories do you have of one or both of these important holidays? Did you celebrate them in your families? Did you ignore them? Was there anything mentioned in the sermon that you particularly want to explore? Let’s talk!

Sunday, April 11

The Interim Time—Not a Placeholder: Discussion with the Transitions Ministry Team. The interim time is not about treading water or just a placeholder. Instead, it’s full of possibilities. Our interim minister and the Transitions Team would like to hear from you about this time. What’s important for Rev. Kathleen to know as we look forward to in-person worship this fall and head into our 200th anniversary?

Sunday, April 18

The Ecosystem of Congregational Care: Sermon Talk-back with Rev. Louise Green. Join a discussion with Rev. Louise and Muslim guest speakers about caring in religious communities and Ramadan, a season of great annual generosity in Islamic practice.

Leading with Grace and Gratitude: Discussion on Governance. Good governance takes grace and gratitude and is, especially in a church, a spiritual practice. Governance and spirituality go together! This is an opportunity to explore that together, including exploring the relationship of the 8th Principle to the practice of governance. What does leadership and governance as a spiritual practice mean to all of us at All Souls?

Sunday, April 25

TBD. Have ideas for discussion? Rev. Kathleen would love to hear from you! Email

Upcoming Classes and Events

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Ongoing Groups and Events

Philosophical Souls

Honoring Socrates’ belief in the rewards of the examined life and the Unitarian Universalist commitment to a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” Philosophical Souls holds monthly discussions that tackle big questions in small settings. To participate, you only need what is available to us all—an open and inquiring mind. Join us for one gathering or many! No need to register. Contact Sara or John.

Individual Exploration

For those seeking insights and fresh perspectives on questions of individual interest or concern, we offer two opportunities. (Please note: These offerings are not meant for those seeking pastoral, medical, or mental health care, or those experiencing acute personal crisis.)

Clearness Gatherings. Drawing on the Quaker tradition, a small group of fellow travelers will gather to support you with their honest and open‐ended questions as you listen to the voices of your inner teachers. Learn more here.

Larger Questions: Philosophical Counseling. Individual congregants partner with a counselor to explore their most important questions through a breadth of philosophical perspectives and clarifying dialogue, in a relaxed and confidential environment. Contact ASC member and certified counselor John Tambornino or visit his website: Free/no fee.