Gardening Team

Keeping the church campus beautiful.

We keep All Souls’ flowers, trees, and plants thriving, blooming, healthy, and beautiful throughout the year. We take care of the Courtyard, South Lawn, Front Lawn, Harvard St. Garden, and trees along 16th and Harvard Streets. We have jobs for all ages and experience levels, including planting flowers, transplanting perennials, pruning shrubs, pruning trees, mulching, weeding, watering plants, edging, splitting perennials, perennials maintenance, and more.

Good exercise, good fellowship, good for everyone who comes to All Souls Church for any reason! We try to garden one Saturday a month during the warmer months. It is a drop in opportunity, you’re welcome to come once or often! If you know when you might be available, use the form below to let us know what dates we might expect you!