All Souls is committed to the spiritual growth of our diverse, multicultural community and the support of our congregation and members within it. Joining as a member signifies you are equally committed to the same, support the mission, values, and goals of the church, and seek to support the congregation through your time, talents, and stewardship. 

Membership is not a requirement to attend church, but a pathway on the spiritual journey you are undertaking. It is a commitment you choose to make to yourself, to All Souls, and the congregation.  All journeys are different; please take your time to discover what makes All Souls special, and make an informed decision – is this is the church you’ve been looking for?

Why Should I Join?

Your reasons for joining will be based on your needs, and those needs vary widely! All Souls is a community of communities: a large church with an intimate feel. We have become a global church, welcoming people far and wide, in person and online. Our services and programming is becoming more and more accessible in hybrid formats. You are a part of this fellowship, near and far! Membership is available to our virtual congregants (the Connecting Souls) with the same benefits as our in-person congregants.

You feel connected and want to deepen your relationship with All Souls by completing the membership process and join.

You have been a part of the community and want to accept the responsibility of membership, which includes voting in congregational meetings. 

You are interested in the life and health of the congregation, and find value, purpose and meaning in being a part of the great family that is All Souls.

Pathway to Membership

These are the first steps to becoming a member of All Souls Church! 

Attend About All Souls Class

Take the Membership Class

Get Involved!

Our Vibrant Community of Communities!

Stick figure drawing holding a sign that says Welcome Friends!Welcoming Wednesdays are fun and easy ways to get to know others at All Souls Church, Unitarian during a midweek drop in! Sponsored by Membership, each Wednesday there will be an activity that is open to everyone. It will be an activity we can do together, to build community, foster new relationships and nurture existing ones, and maybe learn a bit about one another and developing new skills or hobbies. Intergenerational, in person and online when possible, and at no cost (unless otherwise indicated). Bring your authentic Self – we can hardly wait to spend time with you!

Geo GroupsGeo Groups include All Souls congregants who live in communities across the region and even across the country. Geo Groups make it possible for members to meet each other than just once a week at church without requiring travel to the church. They encourage interaction between members to facilitate the growth of our beloved community through enjoyable localized events and email alerts. They’re also an easy way for new members or members who have moved to find like-minded people in their neighborhoods. All Souls has 22 Geo Groups (14 in DC, 5 in MD, 2 in VA, and 1 National/International).

Find Your MinistryFind Your Ministry!  You may consider volunteering with All Souls Church to be a spiritual practice; rooting you within the tree of life that is All Souls and helping you fulfill your spiritual needs and growth. Twice a year we hold the Find Your Ministry Fair, where you have the opportunity to speak with folx participating in various lay groups, ministries, and committees to see if those efforts are something you would like to be a part of. Our virtual Find Your Ministry is year round, and we highly encourage you to check it out!

Core Connections graphicCore Connections are classes that intertwine our goals, values, principles, and social justice values. This is a more structured curriculum, designed to deeply engage us in Adult Spiritual Development while nurturing us throughout numerous aspects of our lives.

Affinity Groups are church groups that enables those considering themselves part of a certain group to come together as members of the ASC congregation to lift and support one another, to build Beloved Community for themselves and the church as a whole. These groups are formed for social, educational, spiritual, or advocacy purposes. Affinity Groups are generally for those specific connections, but often connect far more deeply across church life.

Drawing of an oil chaliceCovenant Groups, comprising eight to twelve participants who meet on a regular schedule, are safe spaces where everyone is heard and confidentiality is honored. Through simple practices of listening and speaking from the heart, participants share experiences and beliefs while fostering caring, friendship, spiritual growth, insight, and enjoyment. Covenant Groups deepen faith and help build beloved community, and often discuss the monthly worship themes and how they impact our day to day.

Upcoming Events

Other Useful Information

Each year, All Souls must verify the number of members we have with the UUA. We use the criteria laid out in our bylaws to determine who is an active voting member, and your continued membership may not always be immediately obvious from a data standpoint.

Membership is your choice; whether you decide to keep your membership or decide to resign your membership with All Souls Church, please complete this form to let us know: Membership Retention Form.