Diverse Community

No matter your age, your sex or gender identity, your race or ethnicity, your theology or lack thereof, your abilities, your financial circumstances, your nationality or immigration status, you are welcome here.

Perhaps more than anything else, a church is a community, and a community of communities. We find our strength both in diversity and in the comfort of shared experience. We come from all kinds of backgrounds and ages, and we care for each other.

All Souls Church is a community of communities. As we strive towards Beloved Community, we can also find comfort in the presence of others who can especially relate to and share our experiences. Find your community here.

Sometimes we need a helping hand, sometimes we can offer one. What is more at the core of community than mutual care and concern. If you need pastoral care or would like to help, find more information here.

There are so many ways we can serve the church and community. Find out more here.