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Judy Leaver

Judy Leaver

February 20, 1947 – September 10, 2023

We send condolences and love to the many friends of Judy Leaver, who are grieving her unexpected death in England on September 10. Our hearts are also with Kevin and Chris Leaver, her sons in Oklahoma currently making challenging arrangements. Judy had just been on a beautiful walking trip with dear companions and visited a close friend the day of her death. Her enthusiasm for life, caring spirit, and wry humor is already missed by all. A Celebration of Life will be held at All Souls in coming months, as well as observances in Oklahoma and Florida.

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  1. Teri Simpson Lojewski

    Condolences to Judy’s All Souls community. If one knew Judy at all well, they knew of All Souls and the role the community as a whole and individuals within it played in her life. I hope very much to be able to attend your celebration of Judy’s fabulous, strong and giving life.

    1. Rose Eaton

      Thank you for condolences Teri, we miss her. Keep an eye on the church website calendar and the newsletter, once the Celebration of Life is scheduled, we will post the information in those places.

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