Clearness Gatherings

What is a clearness gathering?

A clearness gathering is a small group of fellow travelers who commit to giving you 2.5 hours to support you as you listen to the voices of your inner teachers by asking honest, open-ended questions. The function of the clearness gathering is to help you listen to your inner wisdom – not to give advice or fix your problems for you. It is not a place of counseling or guidance—except to help you listen to your inner counsel and guidance.

Why would I convene a clearness gathering?

Quite simply, to become clearer about something that is very important to you. It could be a decision. It could be a part of your life that feels confusing or unresolved to you. It could be gaining clarity about what feels like a call or a nudge.

Why clearness gatherings at All Souls?

When we dedicate children into our community we acknowledge that each of us is born into original blessing and we promise to support each other to live fully into that blessing. We believe that each of us has within us a spark of the Divine, the voice of our inner teacher. But life has ways to create static and interference with that voice. The clearness gathering is one way that the All Souls community offers to help you hear your inner voice and to live into your original blessing.

Clearness committees are a Quaker tradition dating from the 1660s. They are testimony to the belief that there is wisdom within each of us waiting to be heard. Parker Palmer is a Quaker teacher who has written extensively about clearness committees.

What would I do to organize a clearness gathering?

You can, of course, organize one on your own. We recommend, though, that you contact us through the form below, and we will gladly coach you through the process.

You will select four to six people to be at your clearness gathering. You will write a brief description of your issue and circulate it to your gathering members. The day of your clearness gathering there will be a brief orientation for members explaining the workings and rules of the gathering. And then, for two hours, those you have chosen will fully support you in your dialogue with your inner teachers by asking loving, open-ended questions. There will be no advice, nothing to distract you from your inner dialogue. If you choose, the session can be recorded or notes taken so that you can return to the questions and your answers.

To honor your journey and your inner dialogue, members of your clearness gathering must be willing to promise you confidentiality in two ways. First, they will not talk to anyone, including other members of your gathering, about the content of your clearness gathering. Second, they promise not to talk to you about it unless you initiate such a conversation. It is all about supporting your inner dialogue so that you might gain clarity on something that is important to you.

Where do I get more information about clearness gatherings?

Michael Milano is happy to talk with you about clearness gatherings. Contact him through the form below.

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