Spiritual Practices - Activities & Volunteerism with a focus on spiritual practices

“The one who has the most blessed life is the one who supports others during their life.”

-The Prophet Muhammad

Music and Arts

The All Souls Music Program seeks to create and present art of our highest abilities that nourishes the minds, bodies, and spirits of our congregation and ourselves.

As an integral part of the ASC experience, we strive for excellence while representing and manifesting a ministerial spirit that upholds inclusivity, embodiment, and diversity, and works to sustain All Souls’ Mission: to create and nurture Beloved Community.

Akoma @ All Souls (African drumming), Jubilee Singers (gospel-based choir), All Souls Choir, youth music programs, and more!

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Children and Youth RE

The Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Committee supports and participates in the creation of a faith development program plan for All Souls in collaboration of the Director of the program. This strengthens and clarifies the ethical, moral, and spiritual lives of the children and youth within the congregation.

CYRE helps our children and youth build a foundation for spiritual and religious life, engage in bringing UU values to the wider world, and be embraced in the multigenerational Beloved Community. We have programming for all ages!

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Adult Spiritual Development

When the world feels stifling, when we feel lost and alone, we can accept a new challenge, deepen our awareness, take new action, and experience that “bright feeling of progression.” We hope the offerings of Adult Spiritual Development will start you on your way.

 We hope to meet the needs of diverse interests, learning styles, and goals.  Courses, workshops, retreats and more are designed to ground congregants in Unitarian Universalist heritage and hope, deepen congregants’ spiritual lives, build Beloved Community, and enliven congregants’ hearts and minds.

Clearness Gatherings

A Clearness Gathering is a small group of fellow travelers who commit to giving you 2.5 hours to support you as you listen to the voices of your inner teachers by asking honest, open-ended questions.

The function of a Gathering is to help you listen to your inner wisdom—not to give advice or fix your problems for you. It is not counseling or guidance—except to help you listen to your inner counsel.

Members of the Clearness Gathering stand ready to support people who would like to call a gathering.

Mindful Souls

An integral part of the spiritual life of All Souls, the Mindful Souls is a community that practices meditation and mindfulness in our search for lives of meaning and reverence. The purpose of this group is to share and support mindfulness meditation within All Souls.

We provide an opportunity to meet in community weekly at the church for meditation followed by discussion led by congregants themselves or by others from our broader DWV area.  For those of us who want to go beyond the weekly gatherings, we sponsor Mindful Souls events, outreach to other meditation groups, book clubs, seminars and retreats.


The Ushers of All Souls Church are diverse, multigenerational, and multifaceted. We are some of the first faces you see on Sunday mornings. This is a rewarding way to serve the church, be a vital part of the community, and be a warm, welcoming presence for visitors and longtime congregants alike.

Each Sunday, our Ushers provide warm welcomes, directions around the building, an Order of Service, mobility assistance or listening devices. Ushers also conduct and monitor the collection, and are our support personnel if an emergency or evacuation occurs.

Vespers Village

Vespers is modeled after the traditional Taizé worship service which uses silence, scripture, prayer, and repetitive singing of short chants and rounds to quiet the mind and promote deep meditation.

The Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in France, was founded in 1940 to promote peace and justice through prayer and meditation. This All Souls Vespers service mirrors Taizé-style attention to silence, holy words, prayer, and singing, but has also evolved to include other meditative traditions such as yogic singing and Buddhist chanting.

Traditionally, we gather monthly for a Vespers service, on the second Wednesday of every month (September through June), at 7:30 pm.

Bell Ringers

We toll our historic 1822 Revere Foundry “Abolition” Bell, which has served our community for almost 200 years. We mix the joys and sorrows of the world by pealing the bell for several minutes, pausing for two minutes to wind the weights on our bell tower clock to keep it running, and then toll the bell in memory of all the deaths in the current wars.

After training, volunteers are able to sign up for open ringing slots on Sunday mornings or for special events throughout the year.

Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups build community, deepen relationships, and provide a safe place for spiritual exploration. Led by a facilitator, 5-10 people meet once or twice a month in members’ homes. The Covenant Group Committee provides resources based on the monthly spiritual themes and train facilitators.

Covenant Group openings are announced as they occur, but please reach out to be contacted; new groups are forming regularly!

Worship Associates

The Worship Associates support the ministers in the weekly services and on other occasions as needed, both in person and digitally. An intentionally diverse and welcome presence in the pulpit, we represent lay leadership and embody the meaning behind the name All Souls. We welcome all, and work to embody a fully diverse representation of the congregation during worship!

Collection Counters

This group is a weekly volunteer opportunity to count the collection after second service. Optimally, there will be 3-4 counters each week to sort, count, and verify count what has been collected. Volunteers are asked to sign up for one Sunday a month, but are welcome to sign up for multiple dates! If you enjoy handling and counting money and want a short but regular volunteer opportunity, please reach out!