There can be little growth in holiness without growth in a sense of social justice. 

~Edward Hays

A. P. Davies Memorial Committee

Rev. Dr. A. Powell Davies was the Senior Minister for All Souls from 1944 to 1957. During that time he preached many famous sermons from the pulpit at All Souls, wrote many books, some of which are still in print. Following his death in 1957, a memorial fund was created to advance the Unitarian ideals to which his life had been devoted. Our Committee’s goal is to continue the work begun with the establishment of the Memorial Fund in 1957. We want to keep Dr. Davies own words available in the form of sermons, booklets, pamphlets, and recordings, and we want to fund All Souls Church projects furthering social justice, democracy, and freedom of belief.

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Beckner Advancement Fund

The Beckner Advancement Fund is a social justice philanthropic initiative of the church. All Souls members Earl and Meta Beckner endowed the Beckner Advancement Fund in 1973 to create a more collaborative, attractive, and forward-looking community that fosters human rights and dignity, and enhances the influence of All Souls Church in the Washington metropolitan area. We carry out this vision by providing financial grants that support efforts advancing All Souls’ social justice mission. The Beckner Advancement has three primary funding mechanisms: External Grants, Internal Grants, and Shively Rapid Cycle Grants.

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CEN Haiti

Formed in 2015, this is a program with international focus that makes a long term commitment to working in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Working with the UUSJ and other UU Churches after the devastating earthquake in 2010, we seek to find and develop technical assistance in the areas of proposal writing, fundraising, creation of promotional materials, recruit members, and organize trips to Haiti to promote sustainable development.

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Heiwa Peace Project

The Heiwa Peace Project carries out the ASC Peace & Reconciliation ministry. We develop peace activities for the congregation that carries forward Rev. Davies’ commitment and philosophy of peacemaking today. We create educational resources and opportunities to share the story and meaning of the Hiroshima Children’s Drawings. We maintain an unique interfaith, multicultural partnership with the Japanese Buddhist Rissho Kosei-kai Hiroshima Dharma Center.

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Reproductive Freedom Project

The All Souls Reproductive Freedom Project’s mission is to love, empower, respect, and care for people in our church and in our community as they make their own choices about their bodies, their sexuality and childbearing, and as they strive to raise children in safe, healthy, supportive communities. All Souls is actively engaged in working for reproductive health, rights, and justice – and has been for many decades. We hosted a birth control clinic before they found their own space. We had a partnership with a local healthcare organization to provide funding for abortion care for people with low incomes. We’ve worked and witnessed for local change and national change. And we will continue to do so. We believe that the best way to impact change is to get involved with the ongoing, long-term work that is already in progress. All Souls Church is a founder and leader in a new national interfaith project called SACReD (the Spiritual Alliance of Communities for Reproductive Dignity).

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Migrant Solidarity Team

The Migrant Solidarity Team is dedicated to addressing the basic needs of migrants in our metropolitan area. Those needs include food security, stable housing, social connections to established communities, and support from local policy makers. To fulfill those goals, we meet monthly to:

-Provide educational opportunities for the congregation concerning the condition of migrants,

-Engage in strategic partnerships with external organizations that provide direct support for migrants,

-Create opportunities for volunteers to provide food, temporary housing, or employment for migrants, and

-Advocate for immigration and refugee policies that are consistent with our UU principles.

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Reeb Voting Rights Project

The Reeb Project for Voting Rights is dedicated to increasing voter participation. We work in solidarity with other UU congregations and progressive partner organizations that
center the leadership of people of color, work in communities with historically low voter participation, and advocate for changes to oppressive voting laws.
Since our launch in 2013 (at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington), we have called, met, registered, and mobilized thousands of voters in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We also support full representation and voting rights for the District of Columbia.

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A Pantry For All Souls

All Souls is now home to a Little Free Pantry, where neighbors can pick up grocery goods (food, personal care supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.) that are placed into the pantry by neighbors who have a little extra to give. Visit the pantry on the 15th Street side of the church, between Girard and Harvard. If you need anything that’s there, go ahead and take it! If you’d like to donate to the pantry, you can do so by placing groceries directly into the cabinets. If you can’t make it to the pantry in person and would like to donate, or would like to volunteer to help the pantry without donating, or have any other questions, please reach out!

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A.D.O.R.E., A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity, meets monthly to dismantle racism both individually and institutionally through meaningful dialogue, direct action, and community building based on current events and relevant monthly topics. Please visit the church calendar to confirm our meeting dates and times.

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We express our commitment to building a Beloved Community by welcoming all immigrants and English Language learners in the DC area who wish to improve their speaking and listening skills. We focus on conversation and pronunciation, have a high teachers/student ratio, and schedule classes on Sundays, outside of the work week. 

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Green Souls

The Green Souls educate, inspire, and create opportunities for All Souls to lead more environmentally sustainable, just and spirit-filled lives through Environmental and Climate justice. Activities and issues include marches/rallies, adult spiritual development classes that explore ways to protect our planet, supporting DC divestment from fossil fuels, greening our church, ethical eating, Earth Day events, and more.

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All Souls Church is an active member of the Washington Interfaith Network, or WIN. Founded in 1996, WIN is a broad-based, multi-racial, multi-faith, strictly non-partisan, District-wide citizens’ power organization, rooted in local congregations and associations. WIN is committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues, and to holding elected and corporate officials accountable in Washington, DC.

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All Souls Housing Corp.

The ASHC is a non-profit organization initially organized in 1971 to partner with a local community group CHANGE Inc to develop Columbia Heights Village after the 14th St riots. ASHC seeks to build a healthy, diverse community in our neighborhood by promoting affordable housing development, advocacy, and education, and enhance resident services for low-income residents.

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