Wilbur and Marianna Sewell

Marianna Sewell

Wilbur (d. 1978) and Dr. Marianna Sewell joined in June, 1963.

Wilbur Sewell co-chaired the All Souls Canvass Committee in the late 1960s, served on the Fundraising Committee (1969), and served as a past president of the Laymen’s League at All Souls. He was appointed an assistant US attorney in DC in 1952 and was one of the first Black assistants in Municipal Court for the District of Columbia.

Marianna was a nutritionist and associate professor at Howard, where she spent the major portion of her career teaching. Her biography appears in a 1999 publication titled “Black Women Scientists in the United States (Race, Gender, and Science).” She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition from Howard University in 1950 and a PhD in education from NYU in 1965.

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