Don B. Goodloe

Don Goodloe

Don B. Goodloe (j. 1/50; d. 1978) was an educator who taught social studies at Dunbar High School and chaired the Friendly Seniors in 1969-70. He was also active in the Washington Teachers Union, often testifying before Congress as the Teachers Union’s legislative representative on issues affecting DC schools. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Howard University.

Goodloe was the son of Don Speed Smith Goodloe, one of the earliest persons of color to train for Unitarian ministry at Meadville Theological School. As referenced in Mark Morrison Reed’s book “Black Pioneers in a White Denomination,” Goodloe’s father simultaneously graduated from Allegheny College and Meadville Theological School in 1906 and went on to become the founding principal of what is now Bowie State University. Goodloe was the fifth black to attend Meadville, and the first to graduate from the school. While others followed, Goodloe can be said to have integrated the school.

The Goodloe Memorial UU Congregation in Bowie, Maryland was named to honor Goodloe’s father whose memorial service was held at All Souls in 1959.

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