A Message from the Ministerial Search Committee

A circle of multiracial hands holding the words Ministerial Search

Dear All Souls, 

 Hello! We are your co-chairs, T Vatnick and Morgan Duncan, and we will lead the ten-member committee through the process of selecting our new settled ministry. We are both thrilled and a little in awe of the team you chose for this work. Your ministerial search committee is now up and running, starting with a UUA -facilitated retreat in August and meeting weekly to plan this year’s activities.  

In a process that lasts nearly a year, the Committee gathers your input, works with the UUA to represent that input to potential applicants, evaluates those applicants, and discerns the best match for the Congregation. After a week of meeting the candidate at All Souls in April, the Congregation will vote whether to call the ministerial candidate presented by the Committee.  

Please check out our new web page where we will post background information and the latest happenings regarding the search. We have recorded a video to further introduce ourselves to you all—please enjoy!  

This Fall 

The UUA offers a wonderful workshop on Beyond Categorical Thinking to help Congregations think creatively about their future settled ministers. We want you, and as many congregants as possible, to participate. The workshop will be scheduled for early fall so watch the church weekly for more information and to register. We strongly encourage everyone to participate, as this is the first step in congregational participation in the search process. 

We need to gather your hopes and needs regarding our future settled ministry at All Souls and we plan to do this in a number of ways. First, we’ll send out an electronic survey to get your input. The survey will build upon the goals-setting process we undertook last year and ask specific questions about future settled ministry. Second, we’ll be holding focus groups so as many congregants as possible can gather (in-person and via zoom) to more personally give input to the Committee. Third, we will take input via an email address (searchcommittee@allsouls.ws) and a phone number will be forthcoming, where you will be able to leave a message and a committee member will call you back. 

This is an exciting time in the life of All Souls Church. You can expect us to communicate with you regularly as the church year proceeds. We look forward to engaging with you on the search process and seeing you in Church!  

With love,

T and Morgan 

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  1. Gary vanderhoof

    Thank you for your leadership and a comprehensive consultative process!

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