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Making Peace with Our Wolves

Dear All Souls,

On Monday night I brought my son Nico with me to attend a vigil at the White House for the thousands of Central American children who are detained on the US/Mexican border. The vigil was organized by our neighbor La Clinica del Pueblo, and other immigrant rights organizations.

Standing with one another across borders of race and ethnicity is one way we build the Beloved Community. This Saturday, All Souls will host a multicultural competency training facilitated by our own Paula Cole Jones. The training will equip us to be in right relationship with others as we work together in solidarity. This training is open to everyone, and required for those of us traveling to North Carolina to do voter registration work next weekend with the Reeb Project. For more information or to register for this training, click here. To sign up to register voters in Charlotte next weekend, click here.

Rev. Robert M. HardiesMy sermon this Sunday is called “Making Peace with our Wolves.” It’s a sermon about wrestling with our demons. Because we can’t build a reconciled, beloved community unless we, ourselves, are whole people.

The All Souls Choir will share some beautiful music this Sunday to accompany this theme. If you missed the first Sunday of the church year and want to hear how great our choirs are sounding, listen to their rendition of Kirk Franklin’s gospel piece, “Today” (available below).

I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday!

Love, Rob

Third Century Challenge Construction Updates

Construction at All Souls

Watch a slideshow of the renovation project's progress.

Last week (August 11-16)

  • Considerable progress was made on the installation of drywall in the new lower level rooms.
  • Existing steam radiators have been removed and hot water pipes are being installed for the new system. New heaters should be installed by November.
  • On Saturday, a 200-foot crane was brought in that enabled structural engineers to inspect the steeple. The engineers found some cracks and are preparing a report on the extent and seriousness of the damage.
  • Selection of paint, tile, and countertops was completed. To be finalized is the selection of millwork for a lower level conference room and for the new front desk.

Coming soon

  • Drywall installation and hot water pipe work listed above will continue.
  • On Saturday, August 23, a crane will arrive on 15th Street to load HVAC equipment onto the roof.
  • Workers from the Otis Elevator Company will be onsite this week to start elevator installation work.
  • By Homecoming Sunday on September 7, water and electrical connections will be provided for a new Pierce Hall coffee machine (hurrah!).

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