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UU World article on Reeb Project

Reeb Project for Voting Rights

Reeb Project for Voting Rights

The Reeb Project for Voting Rights had a very successful trip to Charlotte to register voters in North Carolina communities negatively impacted by the new voter suppression laws. Together with Charlotte area UU congregations, we helped over 180 voters register or re-register for the upcoming election. Plans are being finalized to get out the vote in late October. We are working with our sister congregations in Charlotte to make the most efficient use of everyone's time during the early voting period. We have lots to do and many opportunities for engagement. Contact or go to the Reeb Project page to learn how to be involved.

Reeb Project in Charlotte NC

NEWS JUST IN: the UU Funding Program’s Fund for UU Social Responsibility just awarded the Reeb Project a $500 grant to put towards its voting rights work. Congratulations!

Check out this article from UU World about All Souls' Reeb Project. And here's a post on the Standing on the Side of Love blog about the Project.

Third Century Challenge Construction Updates

Construction at All Souls
New sconces on the terrace
Pierce Hall coffee machine

Watch a slideshow of the renovation project's progress.

This week (October 13-17)

  • Most of the plastering and dry wall installation and repairs have been completed in the renovated spaces.
  • Tiling, fixtures and walls are being installed in the new bathrooms.
  • Sensors/timers for all new interior lighting have been installed.
  • It is expected that Pepco will switch the building over to the new power panels. This will require that power be turned off in the building from Tuesday, October 14th through Thursday, October 16th and the church office will be closed all of this week.
  • Once the power has been switched to the new panels, testing of the elevator can begin.

Over the next two weeks

  • Cement will continue to be poured for the front (16th Street) ramp.
  • Painting work will begin in the renovated areas.
  • Analog lines will be installed for fire alarms, security hardware, and areas of refuge within the building. An area of refuge is designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency when evacuation may not be safe or possible.

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