The Spirit in Service

Dear All Souls –

Recently, I had the opportunity to join my Wesley classmates during a day of service at the Capital Area Food Bank. Our time together was intended to prompt and make present for us all the role of the spirit in service.

Our jobs were simple: assemble boxes, double-bag grocery bags, open pallets of food, and then fill the bags for delivery to seniors throughout DC and Maryland. The site manager quickly organized us in efficient pods of busy bees closely following his every instruction. With each bag I tied and handed over for boxing, I thought of the people who would receive it. The people who would otherwise have difficulty finding a nourishing meal to eat.

In that moment, I realized that I was doing more than just volunteering, I was being inspired to a deeper love and devotion to people I’d never have the pleasure of meeting. In that moment, service was a spiritual practice.

If we are truly led by the spirit to give of ourselves and our time, it is an act of love that is guaranteed to be paid forward. I hope that you will consider the many ways that you can offer your time to your community, including All Souls.

Learn more about the many ways you can volunteer here at All Souls.


Traci Hughes-Trotter

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