The Conclusion of this Chapter of Our Ministries

Dear All Souls,

It is with very heavy hearts that we share some difficult news. After ten and thirteen years (respectively) of faithfully serving this congregation, we will be concluding our time at All Souls at the end of this church year, June 30. We came to these decisions independently and through deep discernment, and our decision is firm. 

In addition to the music, we both share so many amazing memories, stories, tears, laughs and LIFE with you all, and we look forward to concluding our time at All Souls much in the way we have ministered throughout our tenures: with love, care, and in relationship, building the beloved community together the best way we know how. We will be working hard to the end to ensure a smooth and healthy transition, so that the music and arts program remains strong.

We are so proud of what we have been able to create together in our chapter at All Souls. But it is only one chapter. It is through the work of shared ministry, talent, trust and lots of love that you all, we all, have endured. All things are meant to grow, change, shift, and evolve, and we trust that our legacy will be well held by those who carry it on and build upon it.

There will be more information forthcoming about some singing and social opportunities, but in the meantime, know that we are holding you in our hearts. We are filled with gratitude for the ways this place has shaped our lives. We love you all so much.

With gratitude,

Jen and Rochelle

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  1. Josephine nieves

    I am heartbroken. Jen. For all the years you have been with All Souls, you have been our treasure. Not just music, but love, and the sharing of that love has been your essence. It is hard to imagine All souls church without you. And Rochelle, Your golden voice has been a highlight of so many of our Sundays. You will be terribly missed. With much love in my heart for you both, I send you blessings and pray that your future brings you all the happiness and joy that you have given to us.

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