Pews for UU’s – All Hands All Souls!

We’re back in person, and seeing more and more faces each Sunday! Here’s an easy service opportunity that can be done on Sundays after service or on another day entirely! We are looking for folx interested in maintaining the beauty and organization of the Sanctuary itself. This is a once a month, recurring opportunity. Help once, or as often as you would like! The hope is to have several folx come together, which will make the beautification go quickly! Contact Rose Eaton if you would like to get involved!

Pews for UU’s volunteers would:

Refill the literature and collection envelopes in the pew backs

Ensure each pew has pens available

Evenly reorganize hymnals among the rows

Replace empty tissue boxes 

Remove outdated orders of service and other programs or literature

Bring lost and found items to the front desk

Occasionally vacuum/sweep out the pews and clean the cushions

Replenish the chalice with oil and make sure the wick is in good repair

Collect music stands onto the rack, cover the piano, and tidy up other equipment

Polish the All Souls table

Tidy up the Narthex and refill the literature stands there

Occasionally bring flowers for service, if you want to come by early!

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  1. Jana Owens

    I’ll help

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