February 2024's worship theme is Building Anew.

Rev. Rob Keithan: The Transformative Power of Leading… and Being Led

Some kinds of learning are tough, to be sure. But most learning is a walk in the park compared to the task of un-learning and re-learning, where we’re trying to replace established patterns with something else. And yet this is exactly what we are called to do, as a community of faith dedicated to replacing systems of oppression with systems of liberation! How might our understanding of leadership—as well as what it means to be led—evolve to meet the challenges of our time?

Join us for this hybrid, ASL interpreted worship service! Stay on the same Zoom link for social time with the Connecting Souls (our congregation on Zoom) or come to Pierce Hall for coffee hour!


Feb 18 2024


10:30 am - 11:45 am


All Souls

Other Locations