Congregational Care – Week of 5/29/2022

Dear All Souls, thanks for your good wishes in my recovery from COVID.  I’m improving slowly after a moderate case, and counting the quarantine days.  I’ll be preaching this Sunday on Zoom to conserve energy and because I am still testing positive.  Look forward to seeing you again in June!  



Congratulations to the amazing Coming of Age class that led worship on May 22! Kudos to all involved in this process, as adult mentors and staff.  

Youth and Parents/Caregivers:
Jamie Coukos-Wiley, Pam Coukos & David Wiley
Sicilia Jantzen, Jean Badalamenti & Franz Jantzen
June Maatta, Debby Maatta
Zora Pauk, Jennifer Pauk
Sofia Roehrig, Paul Roehrig & Claire Cocciole

Youth Advisors and High School OWL Facilitators, Past & Present:
James Brush, Ruben Conner, Sweta Haldar, Emily Hogin, Emily Kirk-Wilson, Ann Maxwell, Leah Nodvin, and T Vatnick.

We are sending ongoing healing thoughts to Jim Williams, who was in the hospital with a leg infection.  He is home and in recovery now. 

June Celebrations of Life

Julia Sayles: June 4, 3:00 pm. The service will be hybrid at UUC Arlington. The virtual information is posted on the All Souls website calendar.

Mark Herzog: June 11, 10:00 am. The service for Mark Herzog will be held at the Field School, 2301 Fox Hall Rd NW Washington, DC.

Robert Trautman: June 11, 11:00 am. The service for Robert Trautman will be held at Christ Church, 118 N. Washington St. Alexandria, VA.

Brian Barger: June 18, 2:00 pm. The service for Brian Barger will be hybrid and held in the Sanctuary of All Souls.  Virtual information will be posted on the All Souls website calendar.

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