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Congregational Care: Week of 4/09/2023

Monday, April 24, 7:00-8:30, Art Open House with UU Dialogue. 

You are invited to “Infinite Sanctum”, a site-specific immersion experience at Virginia Theological Seminary, created by All Souls seminarian Annmarie Dinan Hansen as her Master’s thesis. Experience the art and discuss what it means to be a human in a spiritual world. This event is free, with a reception provided for area UUs this evening. Open to those of all faiths, and no faith. Flyers available at All Souls. For more information:

Our healing thoughts and prayers are with Marianne Anderson, now healing from a moderate stroke sustained last week in California. Marianne is doing well, and on the road to full recovery. She is grateful for full family support there, and a good medical team. And we are relieved that our wonderful Caring Card ministry coordinator is going to be ok!

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