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Congregational Care – Week of 2/12/2023

Hurrahs for nine intrepid All Souls members who participated in the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Polar Bear Plunge this week. Two ran into the Potomac River at the National Harbor with the assembled multitudes of CCAN. Seven splashed in a backyard kiddie pool! Children, tweens and grandparents all braved the chill waters to raise over $1000 in donations to CCAN from friends and All Souls members.

We celebrate the birth of Addran Paul Monea on January 17, and rejoice with Bethany and Alex Monea. Sending love for the first weeks to the whole family, including big sister Mary Anne, age 17 months.  

Congratulations to Judith Bauer, who rejoices in the birth of Elliott Francis Pinto Smith on Tuesday. This is her second great-grandchild. Elliott Francis is healthy and has a strong pair of lungs, Judith reports. Mom and dad, with big sister Charlotte Judith, are well and happy.

We rejoice that Celeste Victoria Pernalete Fishbein was welcomed last Sunday in a child dedication. Many blessings to parents Jacob Fishbein & Berenice Pernalete, siblings, and guides.  

Condolences to Front Desk Staff David Lindsay who has experienced many family and friend losses in Jamaica in the last two years. This week his cousin Sidona Dale in her 40’s, and best friend Jacob Ryan, both died on the same day. We send love for this next period of grieving for David. 

Sending strength to Kat Winkler, for her uncle Russell who is currently in ICU at Suburban in a sedative coma. He has multiple machine supports and is in acute condition. We are holding the family in love and blessings.

Condolences to Joe Pangelinan, whose father Edward died on February 3 of pancreatic cancer. Our thoughts are with the family: Joe & Jackie, and children Lily, Eddie and Evan. The extended family will gather for events this Sunday and Monday in Silver Spring.