Congregational Care – Week of 10/09/2022

Congratulations to our All Souls Bookkeeper, Valerie Fowlkes-Bynum, who celebrates her new granddaughter! Erin Carter Martin was born on September 25, and the family is rejoicing that she is now safe and sound.

We send ongoing wishes for recovery to Judith Bauer, who was in Sibley Hospital for a few days last week. She is home, doing fine, and will be following up with additional care on several medical issues.

Adele Schumaier-Harris is still recovering from pneumonia contracted in August. She spent five days in hospital and continues in home treatment. We send love and stamina to this youth member of All Souls, and her parents, Dara Schumaier and Terry Harris.

Please send cards of encouragement to Gordon Kent, now in his group home and rehab setting. He continues in physical therapy and burn treatment and gets used to wheelchair mobility.
Gordon Kent, 6108 63rd Place, Riverdale MD 20737

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