Leadership Development and Nominating Committee

The Leadership Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC) is composed of 15 All Souls members who serve three-year terms. Committee members are nominated by the Church Council and elected by the congregation each year at the annual meeting. The committee is charged with two core goals:

(1) Identify and develop a diverse group of leaders in the congregation to strengthen shared ministry and lay leadership at All Souls.

Building on its expanded charge since 2014, members of the committee work with the Church Council and the Leadership Development Course Committee to offer a unique leadership development course for congregants: Leadership for a New Era. This course is one way in which the LDNC works to build an “intentional” leadership culture to help the church attain its goals and support spiritual growth, community, service, and prophetic action. Through this course and other leadership development opportunities, All Souls has begun to set clear expectations for leadership.

(2) Nominate candidates for the All Souls trustee and officer positions who reflect the values of our community.

Each year the LDNC reviews the trustee and officer positions that will be vacant in the following year and consults with the current Board on needed skills, experience, and diversity in order for the Board to fulfill its own goals and provide strong, committed, diverse, and talented leadership for our church. The LDNC follows established protocols as described in the church’s bylaws and develops and implements a year-long action plan to identify, recruit, interview, and nominate candidates for election at the annual meeting each June.

The 2020 members of the LDNC are:

Claire Adrian-Tucci
Brenda Barbour
Taquiena Boston
Machael Chandler

Tom Fox
Mary Beth Hatem
Maya Hermann

Jeanne Kowalski
Sarah Raymond
Paula Shoecraft

Pamela Spratlen
Jennifer Vanmeter
Tracy Zorpette

2020 Annual Report

Leadership Development

The sixth cohort of the annual All Souls leadership course came together over three sessions in February and March 2020. The fourth and final session was postponed as a result of social distancing required by the COVID-19 outbreak. The group hopes to gather for a final session and celebration of the course when the situation allows. However, the participants have met twice during our social distancing to connect with each other and brainstorm ideas about how to continue their work.

For the first three sessions, the 19 participants explored leadership through an intentional process of transformative discussions and workshops. Participants drew on their experiences in the program, which will serve as a foundation for them to step confidently into leadership and action, provide mentoring to other emerging leaders, and serve as a bridge to learning with and for future leadership program cohorts.

The workshop sessions covered:

  • Leadership as a Spiritual Practice
  • The 8th Principle — Dismantling Oppressions Through Leadership
  • Polarity Thinking: Moving from “Either-Or” to “Both-And”

The concluding session will be:

  • Who, What, and How — ASC Leadership in Action

Though the LDNC typically has a social event for current and prospective leaders each spring, we are changing the cycle of our recruitment activities to match the new church business year. We plan to host a social event for members with an interest in church leadership this fall.

Positions to be Filled

With the church business-year transition, there are fewer vacant positions to be filled at this time. The LDNC understands that the Board of Trustees intends to propose a bylaws amendment to allow current board members, officers, and LDNC members to serve an additional six months on their current terms during this transition time to align elected office terms with the new annual meeting schedule. The LDNC supports this bylaws change to avoid a series of interim appointments between annual meetings over the next three years.

Because no trustees’ terms are expiring at this time, the LDNC has made no nominations for the position of trustee. Similarly, the incumbent secretary is in their first year of a three-year term. The incumbent assistant secretary and membership secretary intend to continue in their positions until the next annual meeting in June 2021, per the bylaws change previously mentioned.

This report contains nominees for the three remaining positions: treasurer, moderator, and assistant treasurer.

The LDNC is pleased to present Bernard Mustafa as nominee for the position of treasurer, a member of the board of trustees, for a 3-year term.

The Committee is also pleased to present the Julia Washburn and Brian Petruska as nominees for the positions of moderator and assistant treasurer. Officers are elected to 1-year terms, for up to three consecutive terms. Brian Petruska was appointed as interim assistant treasurer by the Board of Trustees in January 2020 and is now nominated for election to a full term ending in June 2021.

Bernard Mustafa

Bernard Mustafa: Nominee for Treasurer

Bernard grew up in Baltimore City, and in 1985 he moved to the DC metro area for work. He and his wife, Daphne, reside in Broadlands, VA. They have five children: Bernard II, Wayne, Jerome, Kabrina, and Kwight.

Bernard and Daphne found Unitarian Universalism here at All Souls Church in 2013. They both signed the book to be members in March 2015. In 2016, they participated in the ASC Leadership for a New Era Course. Here at ASC, Bernard has served on the Finance Committee. He is looking forward to the opportunity to serve as treasurer.

Recently retired, Bernard was senior vice president and general manager at XTIVIA Technologies. In February 2018, Bernard and the other owners sold their company Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS) to XTIVIA. Founded in 2002, PVBS was recognized as one of the premier Microsoft Gold Partners and ISV Vendors in the Northeast. Serving companies conducting business with the US Federal Government, PVBS provided its intellectual property in Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems along with visualization tools in Microsoft’s Power BI business analytics solution.

Currently, Bernard serves as board chair at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and honorary trustee of the Loudoun Education Foundation. In 2015, he was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to the Board of the Center for Innovative Technology and he is currently the vice chair of the Board. Bernard is also vice chair of the Board of Loudoun County Economic Development Authority.

Additionally, Bernard has served in numerous local and national organizations including Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, NAACP, National Black MBA Association, National Association of Black Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants and Greater Washington Society of CPAs.

Julia Washburn

Julia Washburn: Nominee for Moderator

Julia and her husband, Bill Kules, joined All Souls Church in 1996, and soon after, Julia’s parents joined as well. For many years three generations of Washburns worshiped together at All Souls. Julia has served the church in a variety of roles over the years including as a member of the Worship Committee in the 1990’s, a worship associate for five years, children’s chapel worship facilitator for five years, member of the Jubilee Singers for several years, member of the Nominating Committee twice, and for the past ten years (ish) leading the Sunday Lunch Ministry together with her husband. Julia and Bill’s adult daughters, Genna and Ruby, grew up at All Souls and are both practicing Unitarians in Los Angeles and North Hampton, MA, respectively.

An environmental educator by training, Julia has spent her professional career with the National Park Service, and currently serves as the superintendent of Rock Creek Park. In addition, Julia teaches adjunct at George Washington University in their Museum Education Program.

Julia and her family are dedicated to social justice. She and her husband have been actively involved in anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion work for their adult lives, and both weave this work into their teaching and work-place environments. Among her professional skills and experience, Julia is a trained professional meeting facilitator. She is very excited for the opportunity to serve All Souls as church moderator.

Brian Petruska

Brian Petruska: Nominee for Assistant Treasurer

Brian is a 15-year resident of DC and has attended All Souls since 2006 before becoming a member in 2019. A life-long drummer, he has performed with his band, Northeast Corridor, at the All Souls Obama Inaugural Gala and the All Souls Big Fat Gay Wedding Party. He also sometimes fills in on drums at All Souls’ services.

His wife, Julie, performs for services with the All Souls’ Women’s Sextet. His son, Raffi (9), sings with the Junior Choir. His daughter Joni (7) sings with the Children’s choir. His dog, Ingrid, is 13 years old and is not musical.

Brian is a labor activist. He is general counsel and administrator to the Laborers’ International Union’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizing Coalition, where he works on labor and political organizing.

Brian hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and was raised Roman Catholic. He remains an avid fan of the baseball Cardinals and roots for the Nats when they play any team other than the Cardinals.

With Gratitude 

As a final note, the LDNC expresses its deep gratitude for the faithful service of Mark Regulinski and Mike Hill. They are ending their terms of service as treasurer and moderator, respectively, in June 2020.

The LDNC recognizes the extraordinary circumstances that all church leaders find themselves in as our community deals with the current emergency. We are grateful for every committee chair, RE teacher, Care Team volunteer, and staff member who swiftly, and mostly gracefully, figured out how to continue and even grow the work of this community from a distance.

We are especially grateful to those congregants currently serving as board members or officers, who have agreed to extend their terms of service for an additional six months while we complete the church business-year transition. We thank them for their continued gift of service.



Members of the Board of Trustees are responsible for the supervision and direction of the affairs of the church, with a particular focus on policy development and oversight. Officers report to the Board of Trustees and perform specific functions for the church, as described below. At the 2019 Congregational Meeting, the congregation amended the bylaws to make the secretary and treasurer members of the Board of Trustees. The moderator, membership secretary, assistant treasurer, and assistant secretary remain as officers of the church, but not members of the Board. These church officers have the right to participate in all regularly scheduled monthly business meetings of the Board of Trustees, but without the right to vote.

The All Souls Board of Trustees works with other lay leadership and with staff to develop and articulate the congregation’s strategic plan. Another duty of trustees is to recommend the annual budget for approval by the congregation. The Board also focuses on oversight, including legal and financial, and policy development. Policies approved by the Board are used by the executive director, ministers, and other staff to guide decision-making. Staff is responsible for the day-to-day management of the church. To ensure accountability through the lens of the 8th Principle, the Board is currently reviewing church structures with a goal of providing flexibility to staff while ensuring our church family lives up to All Souls’ dream of a diverse, justice-seeking, spirit-growing community.

At the 2019 Congregational Meeting, the congregation amended the bylaws to add the secretary and treasurer as members of the Board of Trustees.

  • The secretary keeps minutes of the Board meetings; preserves an account of whatever may be of interest in the history of the church; records and ensures the accessibility of all church policies; convenes the first meeting of the newly elected Board of Trustees and presides over the election of the president and vice president; receives and makes available to the congregation the Nominating Committee’s annual report; receives and makes available to the congregation the Church Council’s nominations to the next year’s Nominating Committee.
  • The treasurer monitors the church’s funds; assures safekeeping of the books and records of all financial transactions; performs other duties customary to the office; attends Board meetings.

Church officers work closely with the Board of Trustees and staff. They are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting. The church’s bylaws set out the offices and their responsibilities.

  • The assistant secretary acts in place of the secretary during the latter’s absence, but without the right to vote; assists the secretary in performing secretarial duties, including ensuring that the church’s official and historical records are preserved and readily accessible; takes minutes for and maintains the membership roster of all Church Council meetings.
  • The assistant treasurer helps the treasurer perform the duties of that office, but without the right to vote, including organizing and overseeing the counting of contributions received during regular and special offerings.
  • The moderator presides at the church’s annual and special meetings; is responsible for preparing meetings and for assuring that proceedings are conducted fairly and in accordance with the church’s bylaws; gives reasonable opportunity for all members attending these meetings to express their opinions, except for matters relating to the determination of the ballot process; chairs the Church Council.
  • The membership secretary is responsible for the official roll of church membership; determines membership status as directed in Article IV of the bylaws; maintains an official list of members entitled to vote in church elections.

Each member of the Board serves for three years. Trustee terms are staggered so that three trustees cycle off and three new trustees cycle on each year. In addition, the secretary and treasurer serve staggered three-year terms.

Officers serve for one year. They may choose to continue to serve up to three consecutive years.

The Board has one working meeting (where no votes are taken) and one business meeting (where business is voted on) each month, and usually has an annual weekend retreat. Occasionally, special meetings are called to address specific issues.

The average workload is about 20 hours per month, which includes meetings, reviewing materials, serving on a Board subcommittee, such as the Personnel subcommittee, or serving as a liaison to a church committee, such as the Finance or Right Relations committees. The Board president and vice president, who are elected by the other trustees, may have a larger workload.

The three roads to nomination are:

  • Nomination by the LDNC in its report to the congregation.
  • Petition signed by 20 All Souls members and submitted to the secretary before or at the annual meeting.
  • Nomination by a member, with three motions to second by other members from the floor, at the annual meeting.

The LDNC reviews all leadership applications and interviews interested candidates. According to the process outlined in the document “2019 Leadership Development and Nominating Committee Candidate Assessment,” the LDNC will recommend nominees to the congregation by presenting a slate of candidates (one person to fill each vacant post), instead of presenting a field of multiple candidates for each vacant post.

Want more information?

Please feel free to talk with anyone on the LDNC about your interests, concerns, and questions. We are here to help.

2020 Leadership Development and Nominating Committee

Co-Chair Maya Hermann (hermann.maya@icloud.com)
Co-Chair Taquiena Boston (tvboston1976@gmail.com)
Brenda Barbour (coachbrendabarbour@gmail.com)
Claire Adrian-Tucci (claire.adrian.tucci@gmail.com)
Jeanne Kowalski (jeanneatgarfield@gmail.com)
Jennifer Vanmeter (jennifer@vanmeter.com)
Mary Beth Hatem (nicamarybeth@yahoo.com)
Michael Chandler (mi_chandler@hotmail.com)
Pamela Spratlen (plspratlen@hotmail.com)
Paula Shoecraft (pshoecraft@verizon.net)
Sarah Raymond (sarahgraymond@gmail.com)
Tom Fox (thfoxdc@gmail.com)
Tracy Zorpette (tzorpette@gmail.com)