Values and Bylaws - Bylaws Review Team

The Board of Trustees, through a Bylaws Review Team, is currently preparing a comprehensive set of amendments to All Souls’ bylaws to bring them into alignment with current church practices and best practices recommended by the UUA and other experts. This is an important part of preparing for a new minister.

In addition to thinking about a variety of technical edits, we’re considering three big questions, which we need feedback on:

  • Membership: what does membership look like in a hybrid church environment?
  • Developing Lay Leaders: how should we build and support a robust lay leadership at All Souls?
  • Church Council: should All Souls have a Church Council, and what should it do?

We’ve prepared three handouts on each of these big questions, and you can view those here:

We’re hosting two sessions during November to discuss our work and these questions. Those sessions will be:

  • Wednesday, November 9 at 7pm on Zoom
  • Sunday, November 13, after service in the Church Library

We also invite you to submit feedback through this Google Form, after you’ve had a chance to read the handouts. You can also provide feedback by emailing Maya Hermann (, who will send your comments to the rest of the team. 

The members of the team are Brenda Barbour, Chuck Dulaney, Gretta Goodwin, Maya Hermann, and Neil Manzullo. The Board created the team in June 2022, and the team’s work plan is available here.