Children's Religious Education

Frequently Asked Questions about CRE Classes during Construction

Where will classes be held?

Nursery will remain the same.

Preschool will be in the Spirit Room, across from the Dining Room, which will contain the church offices. A divider of low bookcases will separate the two 9:30 am preschool groups.

K-5th Grade will be together in the Gym. (See details below.)

Middle School will meet at La Clinica, across the street on 15th Street. Class will assemble in a designated area at All Souls and leave as a group. Latecomers will need to call the teacher’s cell phone for access to La Clinica.

Coming of Age Class will also meet at La Clinica. Same details apply.

12th Grade will continue to meet in the Bell Tower.

When will all this happen?

April 6, if all goes as planned.

How will K-5th Grades work in the gym?

The timeline and structure is as follows:

March 23. Dolores will meet with the children during Children’s Chapel, in their usual location, to develop a covenant of how we will function together in the gym. We will plan how to move, speak, and help one another. The 4th and 5th Graders will be asked to provide leadership and guidance to the younger children, as they are able. Parents and teachers who would like to be part of this discussion are encouraged to attend.

March 30. Children will begin in their classrooms as usual, but will proceed to the Gym for Children’s Chapel with Rev. Rob. After Chapel, they will return to their regular classrooms. This is the last day in those classrooms.

April 6. After hearing the Story for All Ages in the Sanctuary, the children will proceed directly to the Gym, where they will join their class in a designated “nook” on the Gym landing. There, they’ll take attendance and check in for a few minutes. They will then come together and choose various activity “stations” on the floor of the Gym. In addition to follow-up activities of the day’s story, they will be offered a reading area, building area, physical activity area, and snack area. (The snack station will open shortly before the end of class.)

April 13 and thereafter. When children arrive, they will join their class at their “nook” on the landing. A chime will sound to let them know that it’s time for Children’s Chapel. They will then move to the gym floor. Following the Children’s Chapel part of the morning, the above format will take place.

What about the sound in the Gym?

We are doing all we can to create sound absorbers. We will be putting up bookcases, some containing pillows. We will also be using many area rugs and wall hangings.

When will the children return to regular classes in the renovated classrooms?

Sometime in late fall, if all goes as planned.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact Dolores Miller (; 202-332-5266 ext. 115).


Welcome to CRE!

  • Dolores Miller, Interim Children’s Religious Education Director
  • Jalila Simmons, Children's Religious Education Program Assistant
  • James Ploeser, Youth Coordinator
  • Constance Ofori, Childcare Provider
  • Kimberly Adams, Childcare Provider

CRE registration information

From Sep. 15, 2013 through June 15, 2014, while their parents and caregivers attend services in the sanctuary, children and youth may attend age-appropriate, spiritually-enriching classes, briefly described below. You must register your children ($25/child) and participate in the cooperative CRE program by volunteering 10 hours. If your family needs a financial waiver, please contact Interim Children’s Religious Educator Dolores Miller ( 

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee embodies congregational responsibility for the religious education for children and youth by articulating directions and supporting the professional and volunteer staff in realizing the goals of the program.

Meeting once a month with the Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Family Ministries and the Children’s Religious Educator, committee members articulate the direction and design of the religious education program by listening to parents and congregants, planning and implementing religious education events, supporting training sessions, and working with other adults in the wider congregation to build a religious community. 

  • Steph Aduso (2015) Co-Chair
  • Evan Baker (2015) Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Abercrombie (2016)
  • Jody Feldman (2016)
  • Carolynn Fowler-Smith (2014)
  • Anne Herr (2015)
  • Marah Stets (2015)
  • Lowell Ungear (2015)
  • Anne Womer (2016)

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 12th, in Pierce Hall. All ages welcome. Details to follow.
Easter and Child Dedications 
Sunday, April 20th
There are no RE classes. Some of our children will be assisting with the child dedications. Childcare provided for children under age 5.

Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Friday, May 9th
This year the dinner will be catered. Non-teaching volunteers are asked to donate
desserts. Childcare provided.
Coming of Age Youth Led Service
Sunday, May 18th
Religious Education Interim Orientation led by the JPD
Saturday, May 17th. Details to follow 


Notice: Many of the CRE classes have been re-structured and re-named to accommodate our growing All Souls family!

Itsy Bitsy Souls (birth - 23 months), 9:30 & 11:15

Location: Nursery (lower level in the room at the rear of the Dining Room)

Two professional caregivers provide childcare and supervised play for infants. Parents should stay until their children until they are comfortably settled; listening devices are available to hear the service. Vibrating pagers are also available so CRE staff can silently contact parents in the Sanctuary. 

NEW: Preschool Souls (2-4 years old), 9:30 & 11:15

Location: Hamele 2

The preschools use an adaptation of Spirit Play, a Montessori-based, UU curriculum that uses stories to introduce preschoolers to the Seven Principles and Sources. Class begins with a Community Circle, full of singing, and a UU-themed story; self-guided activities follow to further process the story. Preschool Souls do not attend Children’s Chapel, but are included in the monthly Story for All Ages on Family Souls Sundays. 

NEW: K & 1st Grade Souls, 9:30 & 11:15

Location: Hamele 4

The Kindergarten & 1st Grade Souls will explore the UU faith and articulate their UU identity through the Tapestry of Faith curricula “Faithful Journeys” and “Love Will Guide Us.” They’ll also help develop and participate in service learning and social justice projects. 

NEW: 2nd & 3rd Grade Souls, 9:30 & 11:15

Location: Hamele 3

The 2nd & 3rd Grade Souls will explore the UU faith and articulate their UU identity through Tapestry of Faith curricula “Faithful Journeys” and “Love Will Guide Us.” They’ll also help develop and participate in service learning and social justice projects. 

NEW: 4th & 5th Grade Souls, 9:30 & 11:15

Location: Children's Chapel Classroom

The 4th & 5th Grade Souls will explore the UU faith and articulate their UU identity through Tapestry of Faith curricula “Faithful Journeys” and “Love Will Guide Us.” They’ll also help develop and participate in service learning and social justice projects. 

Middle School (6th - 8th grade), 11:15 ONLY

Location: Hamele 1

The Middle School youth work with the Tapestry of Faith curricula “Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong” and “Riddle and Mystery.” They learn about the UU faith and explore their UU identity. They’ll also help develop and participate in service learning and social justice projects.  Every Sunday, they start the day in the Sanctuary, leaving for class after the Anthem.

NEW: Coming of Age (9th - 11th grade), 11:15 ONLY

Location: Spirit Room

The COA youth explore theology, spirituality, history, and other topics through discussion, drama, music, writing, and art. Addressing all the components of UU identity, the Coming of Age program is a comprehensive resource for congregations to design their own approach to this rite of passage. They begin each Sunday in the Sanctuary, leaving for class after the Anthem, and they participate in the spiritual focus reflection every first Sunday.

NEW: Bridging (12th grade), 11:15 ONLY

Location: TBD

Unitarian Universalists use the term “bridging” to describe both the ceremony and the transitional time in the young person’s life. Bridging is a yearlong program and ceremony marking the transition from youth to young adulthood that complements the traditions and practices of our All Souls congregation.