Adult Spiritual Development

The All Souls Adult Spiritual Development program brings people together in different places and formats, like different threads, to form a spiritual, intellectual, communal tapestry for our daily lives.


  • To register, unless otherwise indicated, click on course title and then the "Register" link.
  • If there is a fee, you can pay as you register online. We turn nobody away; if you'd like a waiver of the fee or to pay what you can, please contact Gary Penn (; 202.517.1465).
  • If a class reaches its maximum before you register, you can be placed on a waiting list by contacting Gary.


All ASD offerings, other than those related to membership or fellowship, have fees. Fees cover some portion of the cost of the whole program, but most of the cost is covered by congregant annual pledges. We encourage everyone (member or not) who takes an ASD class to pledge annually.


Ongoing Opportunities for spritual deeping and transformation at All Souls

About All Souls

Learn and ask questions about Unitarian Universalism and All Souls Church. This informal session lasts about an hour. First Sundays of the month, Longfellow Room. No registration, no fee; just drop in.


A serene and beautiful monthly service of music, silence, and spiritual practice. Second Wednesdays, September through June, 7:30 pm.

Mindful Souls

A time to gather and meditate together, followed by discussion led by congregants or others from the broader DC community. Sundays, 1:00 pm.

Philosophical Souls

Honoring Socrates’ belief in the rewards of the examined life and the UU commitment to a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” Philosophical Souls holds discussions that tackle big questions in small settings. To participate, you only need what is available to us all—an open and inquiring mind. Join us for one gathering or many! No need to register. Contact Sara (

Covenant Groups

These small groups meet regularly, often in people’s homes, for community, mutual support, simple ritual, and spiritual growth through reflection on the All Souls monthly theme or an affinity. To be placed in a covenant group, fill out the enrollment interest form at Open enrollment for fall 2017: Sep. 24-Oct. 18.

Covenant Group Gathering. Come learn about covenant groups and hear from covenant group leaders. Wednesday, Oct. 18, 6:30-9:00 pm.

Clearness Gatherings

A Clearness Gathering is a small group of fellow travelers who offer 2.5 hours of support as you discern a question important in your life. Asking honest, open-ended questions, they listen to the voice of your inner teacher, that spark of the Divine within us. Life has ways of creating static that interferes with that voice; the Clearness Gathering is one way to clear the static and to live into your original blessing. Brian Marshall or Michael Milano are happy to talk with you about Clearness Gatherings. Email us at

ASD Workshops, Retreats, and Courses

Click on the class title to reach the registration link.

Trauma and Self-Care

Historical, intergenerational, and collective trauma is felt by individuals and groups who have been wounded or continue to be hurt by trauma. In this ADORE session, we’ll dissect what this trauma looks like and how people heal or learn from it. We will also discuss the transmission of trauma by oppressors and its impact. This meeting is meant to be a safe space. For more information, contact Paula Cole-Jones ( Sponsored by ADORE: A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity

Liberation Theologies: Topic In-Formation

Today’s social movements and actions advocate for the liberation of all people from violence and oppressive systems. But where can that be found in spirituality and theology? Join us to help build a curriculum to discover the theological side of liberation.

Spiritual Development in Islam

This one-session workshop on Wed., Dec. 6, will introduce the participants to the Five Pillars of Islam and how they inspire the daily lives of Muslims. The presenter will reference the Koran to define and describe each Pillar, then describe how it is incorporated in daily life. For more information call Judy Fisher (202.841.0943).

Untangling the White Knot: A Compassion-based Approach for Engaging White Folks in Countering White Supremacy

Have you been feeling the horror and heartbreak from recent expressions of racial hatred and violence? Is your prayer that those of us who are white will join in the work of dismantling the racism that divides our human family and so wounds each heart? This daylong retreat, offered collaboratively by All Souls and the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, is designed to engage people who identify as white in deepening spiritual capacities for anti-racism work.

A Double Take on Lynching: Two Compelling Voices

Historian Susan Strasser gives an illustrated talk on the history of lynching practiced in the U.S. Poet Marcia E. Cole uses original poetry to make lives that would be lost in statistics personal. Sponsored by ADORE: A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity.

Joining All Souls (201712)

This three-hour class introduces you to All Souls Church and Unitarian Universalism. You’ll learn how the church functions and how you can get involved. Along the way, you’ll share a bit of your own story and start forming community with fellow new congregants. At the end of the class, you’ll be invited to sign the Membership Book.

UU4Core II: Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Practices (Winter 2018)

How do we shape our daily lives to reflect our spiritual commitments and our desire for spiritual deepening? What enables us to ground our lives in sustaining sources of beauty, hope, and courage, that we might resist injustice and embody love? Based on his doctoral research in this area, Rev. Hardies will teach a contemporary approach to spiritual practices first developed by our UU forbears.

UU4Core III: Unitarian Universalist Ethics and Activism (Spring 2018)

Our spiritual perspective impels us to work for justice, and our justice work demands our ongoing spiritual development. This course will deepen our knowledge of the inspiring heritage of UU activism, the ethical frameworks that have led UUs to work for peace, prison reform, abolition of slavery, women’s rights, LGBTQ liberation, immigration reform, countering white supremacy, eco-justice, and more. We will grapple with struggle points in our own transformation and as well as acquire tools to put our faith into practice. Exact dates TBA.