Worship transcript for May 23, 2021

Prelude (The All Souls BAM Ensemble: Rochelle Rice, vocals; Mark G. Meadows, piano; Romeir Mendez, bass; Dante Pope, drum)

“Blessings” (Rene Marie)

May wisdom guide you
And hope sustain you
May the wind be always at your back
May your faith make up for any confidence that you lack

May true love find you
And true friends stand behind you
May your life grow more beautiful as it fades
May your slumber be sweet and peaceful in the bed that you made

May your conscious be as clear as a Colorado Sky
May the ones you hold dear always be by your side
May you have love and laughter and live happily ever after
With just the right amount of glory days and pain
May these blessings pour down on you like rain

Here’s to your future
Here’s to your past
To your dreams may you ever hold fast
May your days be filled with joy, and your rooms be filled with love
And your nights be filled with the silvery moon above

May your truth always be spoken
May your promises to your children be unbroken
May you live as long as you want, and never want for as long as you live
May you let bygones be bygones and forgive

May you be the voice of reason in the face of blinding rage
And as you journey through life’s seasons, may you gracefully age
May the clouds always enfold you and the sun above behold you
Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people there

No, no

Here’s to the stories our forefathers told
Here’s to that spark of life, don’t ever let it grow cold
May the remainder of your days be free from trouble and strife
And may you live, and I mean really live, all the days of your life
May we say our farewells just smiling and unafraid
When it’s time for us to go

May these blessings ever and ever
May they overflow

Call to Worship (Rev. Louise Green)

Thanks for that amazing opening blessing, Rochelle and Mark, and all that is to come! Good morning and welcome everyone. I am Rev. Louise Green, your Minister of Congregational Care.

We invite you this morning into beautiful and moving worship space. Our theme explores the blessing boomerang, by which I mean, the natural reciprocity of caring. When you offer care with love, it impacts you. When you give to others with generosity, it changes you. Our messages will be in text and song, video clips of multi-gen voices, and the wise eloquence of many All Souls folks collaborating.

Brother David Steindl-Rast wrote, In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. By cultivating gratitude, as strong intention and focused practice, we help create the very world we want to experience. This morning, we invite you to explore how the blessings boomerang might be an essential frame for how you intend to live and thrive.

We light the chalice flame each week as symbol of our Unitarian Universalist emphasis on the inherent dignity and worth of each being. Welcome to our chalice-lighting family: Antonio Romero, Martha Silva, Gael and Nico Romero.

Chalice Lighting (the Silva-Romero family)

We rejoice together in the comfort of community,
the nurture of friendships, the pleasures of being,
the joys of marvelous achievements.
We kindle together our chalice, a symbol of love and justice.

Author Unknown

Intro to Hymn (Rochelle Rice)

Good morning and welcome, All Souls. My name is Rochelle Rice and I am the Associate Director of Music and Arts. Today’s service is collaborative and intergenerational in the best of ways, featuring music from our Black American Music ensemble, youth choirs, middle and high school religious education programs, and music from singer, songwriter, and dear friend, Maya Rogers! What a rich offering this morning! I invite you now to remain on mute and join in singing our opening hymn.


“This Joy”

This joy that I have the world didn’t give it to me (3x)
The world didn’t give it.
The world can’t take it away.

This strength that I have the world didn’t give it to me (3x)
The world didn’t give it.
The world can’t take it away.

This love that I have the world didn’t give it to me (3x)
The world didn’t give it.
The world can’t take it away.

This pride that I have the world didn’t give it to me (3x)
The world didn’t give it.
The world can’t take it away.

This peace that I have the world didn’t give it to me (3x)
The world didn’t give it.
The world can’t take it away.

Welcome (James Ploeser)

Welcome to All Souls Church! My name is James Ploeser – he/him pronouns – and not only am I the Associate Director of Religious Education for Children & Youth but I’m also your Worship Associate for today. We welcome all who have joined us this morning, especially if you are joining us for the very first time. We are now a global church community where our name, All Souls, says it all. Here we seek to create a community where ALL people—people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations, gender expressions and all abilities***— where ALL are welcome at the table of God’s love and human fellowship.

Our mission at All Souls is to build what Dr. King called the “Beloved Community”, a diverse, spirit-filled, justice-seeking community that bears witness to the unity of the human family. So again, I offer our warmest welcome to all our visitors and guests. If you’d like to be included on our mailing list, please use the chat to send a Direct Message to Gary Penn, our Membership Coordinator.

In an effort to acknowledge and support Indigenous communities, it is important to recognize the people who lived on the land where our church now stands. The closest village was Nacotchtank, from which the name Anacostia is derived. They were part of the Piscataway group of tribes.

We acknowledge that indigeneous peoples were here before us, are here with us now, and will continue to be with us, as we look forward to the future. Let’s take a moment of silence to reflect on whose land we each reside, in our individual and collective locations around the U.S. and our planet Earth. [Silence]
Now is our time to turn and greet one another. In this time on worshipping on-line, it has become what we call “beholding.” – taking a moment to scroll through the gallery view, say hello in the chat to one another, and behold each other’s faces, appreciating that we have shown up for one another as we have, in the co-creation of community.

Summer Camp announcement (Rochelle Rice)

Announcements and Prayer (Rev. Rob Keithan)

Good morning! I’m Rob Keithan, your Minister of Social Justice. I want to draw your attention to three gatherings happening after worship today, and highlight a few things further out.

Today after service, in addition to the regular coffee hour in this same zoom room, there are 3 special gathering: First, the Board of Trustees will host a conversation about whether the next church year is the right time to set new Goals. As we come back together physically and look at our past 200 years but also our future, it may be an ideal time, but it will also require significant work. Please come and hear about what this process would involve and provide your feedback about whether next year is the right time for us to plan our future.

Second, there will be another in our ongoing series of gathering of multiracial families for relationship-building and mutual support.

And third, there will be a kickoff meeting for the social justice ministry’s collaborative campaign to put justice and human needs at the center of the City’s budget priorities. To put it plainly, impacting the budget is the most powerful way we can decenter policing as a way to promote public safety, and instead invest in the programs that truly do help. There are ways to be involved whether you are a District resident or not.

Zoom info for each of these gatherings is in the chat and will re-posted at the end of the service.

Looking further out, please mark your calendars for the church’s Annual Meeting on Sunday June 6 from 1-3pm, on Zoom. As a congregationalist church, we – the congregation of All Souls – have ultimate control over our own affairs. Please come to the Annual Meeting to hear reports from the Board and Executive Team, elect new trustees and officers, adopt a budget for the coming year, and take other steps to govern our church. All are welcome to attend. To vote, you must be a member of the church and have made a donation within the last 15 months. It is critical that we get a quorum of voting members, so please make every effort to attend this important meeting. Registration is required. Details to follow.

And finally, I want to highlight the exciting announcement in this past Friday’s weekly bulletin that All Souls is joining together with four other large UU congregations in the DC area on several summer worship services. It’s a fun opportunity to host our colleagues in faith—which we’ll be doing on July 4—as well as to experience their worship arts as well. The full schedule is on the church website.

We turn now to our pastoral concerns. We have many situations of ongoing care taking place at All Souls. And we have just one to name publicly this morning.

Our hearts go out to Pamela Spratlen, whose wonderful father Dr. Thaddeus H. Spratlen died peacefully on Tuesday, May 18, just 10 days shy of his 91st birthday. We are grateful that Pamela was able to be with him in Seattle for his final weeks, and send love to her and her entire family.

In the silence that follows, please say aloud the names of those you carry on your heart this morning.

I invite you to join me in the spirit of meditation. Take a moment to ground yourself wherever you are.
Take a few centering breaths to connect your head and heart and soul with your body.
There has been so much in this last year that was beyond our control. Shortages and outtages, restrictions and rules that forced everyone to change, or limit, or altogether stop certain aspects of our lives. There was so much that we could not choose; so much that we could not do.
Let’s take a few breathes to let go of what we could not, and cannot control.
And yet, even amidst the limits, we can choose to invest in community. In compassion. In care. In each other.

In the words of Adrienne Rich:
My heart is moved by all I cannot save:
so much has been destroyed
I have to cast my lot with those
who age after age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world.
So let’s take more breaths, and hold a time of silence, for compassion, and for community, For casting our lot together.


Hymn 123

“Spirit of Life”

Fuente de amor, ven hacia mi    
Y al corazon cantale tu compasion
Sopla al volar, sube en la mar
Hasta moldear la justicia de la vida
Arraigame, liberame
Fuente de amor, ven a mi, ven a mi

Spirit of life, come unto me
Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion
Blow in the wind, rise in the sea
Move in the hand, giving life the shape of justice
Roots hold me close, wings set me free
Spirit of life, come to me, come to me.

Reading (Rev. Green)

from “Spirit Walking” (Evelyn Rysdyk)

When we experience deep feelings of love, compassion, or appreciation, we radiate coherent frequencies throughout our bodies, promoting health and vitality. These feelings have the capacity to bring your DNA into its most harmonious state of being. This state is consistent with improved immune and cellular function—that is, optimum health…

By fostering feelings of love, compassion, appreciation, and gratitude, you can provide yourself—and all other creatures—an antidote to the damaging effects of fear and anger. For instance, by nurturing compassion you will be more able to feel your interconnections with other beings. This feeling of interconnectedness can move you to find ways to alleviate suffering…

It’s clear that our family—from our human family to the larger one that includes all beings–is in dire need of support…. Fear, anger, and frustration negatively impact your body and the bodies of all other beings. At this time on the planet, there is no more dramatic action you can take in the world than to learn to work with your feeling energies.

Sermon (Rev. Green)

“Blessing Boomerang: The Reciprocity of Care”

I think it’s safe to say that working with feeling energies over the last several years has been a major challenge! A rollercoaster of epic proportions. Daily life brings us waves of anger, fear and sadness, in response to a hundred different situations. There is global pandemic, political toxicity, racism and misogyny on massive scale, the devolving of shared understanding about science or truth or common good. All that. You know this, so I won’t dwell there.

In my own life, managing edginess and anxiety over the last two years has also had some rough patches. This time brought job change, loss and unemployment, some personal health worries, an extended family drama, then work recalibration into two home offices, thus living and working in close quarters with spouse and four animals. It has also brought the extreme quarantine of my extroverted self, which has been a journey.

Then these last weeks of opening up have evoked a range of emotions, again! The broad changes feel dizzying and the protocols unclear. In the last few weeks, a sharp increase for me in in-person meetings and restaurant visits, as well as participation in larger events like the wedding I did last night…well, I’ve felt some fatigue and queasiness with all the rapid movement into public life. What used to feel normal still feels anything but.

It is more urgent than ever for me, and perhaps for each of us, to establish some coherence in the chaos. To individually and collectively keep naming what keeps us whole and work it. To remember the things that served us well over the last year and keep on going with what has proven valuable. This is the ministry I do in several realms: as All Souls Congregational Care minister half-time, as a spiritual director and coach, and in re-starting next week as a trainer in organizing and racial equity. Everywhere I move, people are just trying to figure it out.

Where are we now? How are we going to live well amidst the ongoing challenges? I loved seeing that the Philosophical Souls will gather tomorrow night at 7:30 to ask some important questions. These queries can be useful to us all right now, in a new stage of pandemic life: Have we become clearer regarding what we most need and value? How have these needs and values evolved? What are we ready to let go of…or to refuse to let go of? What sort of life do we hope to recreate?

Rose for chat please: ASD Offering/Philosophical Souls: RSVP to john.tambornino@gmail.com

Today after the service we have a similar opportunity, when the Board begins dialogue on congregational vision and goals for the next five years. We need to design and live into the ongoing process of becoming community, 200 years into this project of All Souls Church. To keep explicitly naming our chosen 8th Principle, which pledges that we: Journey toward spiritual wholeness, by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community, by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. This kind of life-long recalculating moves us in the direction of our highest values as a church. We ponder the reciprocity of care for all as a community.

I believe that our inner calibration can be a game-changer. It is important to set daily intentions around which feeling states to nurture and encourage. To offer and receive blessing is your choice of a particular state of heart and mind. This is an 8th principle orientation as well. We can make an interior emotional landscape adjustment, and cultivate our desire to offer support in external ways. The choice does not deny the pain, anger, and fear of human existence. It does not aim to suppress the wide range of feelings that we all have as humans, and variety of ways we harm and destroy. Choosing a blessing state is spiritual practice, one that keeps calling us to wholeness, in the face of much that is indeed broken.

Your emotional frame for life matters for your own health, and the wellbeing of others around you. Repeated expressions of gratitude and appreciation impact your own heart and soul. Every global wisdom tradition names a similar essential understanding. This includes world indigenous communities, who have never stopped calling all humans to a profound consciousness of interwoven gratitude for all that exists.

We are perhaps more aware than ever how much we cannot control in the external world, the landscape which is evolving and devolving around us. Yet, as we heard in Spirit Walking, we do have choices in how we manage our reactions:

When we experience deep feelings of love, compassion, or appreciation, we radiate coherent frequencies throughout our bodies, promoting health and vitality. You can provide yourself—and all other creatures—an antidote to the damaging effects of fear and anger. By nurturing compassion, you will be more able to feel your interconnections with other beings. This feeling of interconnectedness can move you to find ways to alleviate suffering.

To name what makes you feel grateful, and to develop a felt sense of that appreciation state, literally shifts the world you are experiencing. To feel held in this woven web of All That Is, and to offer care in cycles of reciprocity, is the way forward.

When you make that move to enhance coherence, to amplify generosity and love, you are co-creating an energy field of blessing to those around you. And here is the bonus prize: this blessing field will come back to you, in that boomerang of amazing grace. We sense more deeply the strong Presence which is only gift, that Love which flows without our striving.

Blessed be, as we are held. Amen.

Anthem (Maya Rogers, Rochelle Rice, Lila Benavente, Raffi Petruska, and Junior Choir)

“I’m Held” (Maya Rogers)

Standing in the power of it
I have everything I need
I don’t even have to ask it,
as simple as the air I breathe

Close my eyes to feel it stronger
I no longer need to fear
Truth is you have always been here waiting
In the present it’s so clear

The water below, blue sky above
I’m held, I’m held
Sun takes the day, moon brings the tide
I’m held, I’m held

Isn’t it enough to know that
Love’s in all that happens here?
See it glowing on my skin and
Sense it in the atmosphere.

I wanna keep this feeling burning in my heart
Savor every sacred drop
Shine a light on this perfect moment
don’t ever let it stop

During the pandemic, I am grateful to my mom, because she has really helped me and she’s just really kind and generous.

I’m grateful that I have food and that I’m able to communicate with my friends during quarantine

Close friends and the people I’ve been able to spend time with and for my mom and my baby cousin

I’m grateful for my cats, cause they’re nice and cute and cuddly

I’m grateful for my dogs, because they really got me through this with all the cuddles and just the time to spend with them

I’m grateful for my lizard. He has given me stuff to do during this pandemic so that I’m not getting lazy, and he’s also given me entertainment and what it’s like to care for a living being

I’m grateful for my sister who has helped me through this pandemic

I’m grateful for my school community, because it helps being with my friends

I’m grateful for my dog, because I’ve been able to teach her a lot of tricks and spend a lot of time with her. She’s really helped me through the pandemic

I’m grateful for my friend’s, family, and pets, because they’ve helped me through quarantine

I’m grateful for my parents and my friends. My parents help with my schoolwork, they feed me, and they just help with a lot of things in general. My friends because it’s nice to talk to them, hang out with them and play video games.

One person that has inspired me is Jackie Robinson, because of his perseverance to never give up and helping others through his brave actions. My favorite quote from him is “a life is not important except the impact it has on others”

The water below, blue sky above
I’m held, I’m held
Sun takes the day, moon brings the tide
I’m held, I’m held

Offertory (James Ploeser)

Now is the time in our service when we consider how much this church means to us, and how much we can give back to our church community. Because the format of today’s service is a little different, I’m going to invite you on a medium length stroll with me, before we arrive back on familiar ground…


Most of you know that in my current role at All Souls, I work with our young people, most especially with our middle and high school students. Believe it or not – this is the end of my 8th with our high school youth.

It’s likely, many of you know that I’m also on a slow winding path through seminary and working toward one day – if and when the stars align – becoming a UU minister.

Now, although it’s not a secret, probably far fewer of you know I’m also an alcoholic who’s been in recovery for over 17yrs. Let’s just say that as a teenager and into young adulthood, I simply found it too painful to – what was the phrase in Louise’s reading? – to “work with [my]feeling energies”. But drugs and alcohol worked… to numb the deep wells of pain, fear, and anxiety that I battled with every day. The only thing was… they were also killing me…

Thankfully, a fellowship called alcoholics anonymous existed. I was terrified to go – mortified, embarrassed, felt like the biggest failure. Here at 23 I had these grand plans for my future and I couldn’t even stop drinking without a whole rigmarole. But a friend – newly sober themself – brought me to a meeting.

And what I found there changed my life forever. The people in that fellowship, it turned out, not only did they know how to stop my drinking – which was killing me – but they taught me how to LIVE without alcohol.

It’s a magnificent alchemy – concordant with that found in most every spiritual tradition the whole world over. And for our purposes, we don’t even need 12 bullet points to illustrate (if you’re doing 12 step recovery, you do need all 12!):

Surrender to something – anything – that you can trust: Admit who you are in all your glorious imperfection and begin to allow others to truly see you

Try to be accountable and to do the right thing: invest in relationships with people who help you grow, tell them what about your mistakes and what scares you, and take a lot of their advice

When you mess up, just admit it, do what you can put things right, and try to learn for the future

Start helping other people: in whatever ways you can, big or seemingly small, find ways to contribute to other members or to the collective. It helps the group but it also helps you

Working with our young people, I do my best to practice the principles I learned in AA. Truth be told, I often doubt my ability to live up to that spiritually lofty standard I perhaps just implied.

But I do know my own troubled youth, once a source of such shame, has taught me a humility that seems now an asset. Embarrassed about your grades? You can tell me. I legitimately failed out of high school twice. Worried about college? I got rejected from every school I applied to. Yes, every single school. I know exactly about those fears – but also that we live through them.

None of this is to minimize, of course! Just the opposite. It’s that by owning and voicing what was once a mortifying fact that it seems to transport me and my DNA to a more “harmonious state of being” and then transform into something useful to those around me. I see our middle school teachers and youth group advisors doing the same – honestly – often doing a far better job than me at simply being present with students and their experiences – though their stories are not mine to tell…

The best and most rewarding, is to see how our young people are already themselves practicing these principles. Just this past Friday the High School students had an overnight campout – a very late and truncated version of the fall retreat that didn’t happen due to the pandemic – and you’d be so proud and hopeful to see what the future holds. They all performed in mandatory talent show and the group honored every performer with loud applause. Each student shared a meaningful trinket of themself during youth worship – everyone even sang our hymn! – and all were met with love and warmth and support. And the singalong that followed was pretty epic – and I’m definitely going to be in trouble for sharing, even in those general terms. But you deserve to know, because that’s a lot of what this service is about.

If we adults are wise enough to listen, we benefit greatly from our young people’s example. We can see them taking risks, trying new things, learning to take care of themselves while showing up for one another as best they can. They are surrendering to the mysteries, trying on new ways of looking at the world, admitting what they don’t know, and sharing their joy with their peers. They remind us that perhaps we might try the same.

Alongside the amazing work of Rochelle and Jen with the Children’s & Junior Choirs, Dolores and I strive with all our hearts to make absolutely certain that each and every one of our young people feel not only welcomed, but loved. Because it is in feeling loved that we know we are safe enough to risk being our truest selves and dare to become our best selves.

Your support for All Souls supports not only the ongoing work of our Music and Arts and Religious Education programs, but the possibility of future collaborations between these and other programs, like the one we are all experiencing today.

The lessons and inspiration we take from belonging to an intergenerational community is one of the many invaluable gifts we receive from attending All Souls Church. It is crucial we support it in return – either financially through a donation or by volunteering your time and energy – or both.

This morning’s offering will now be received.

Hymn (The All Souls BAM Ensemble: Ruth Benson and Rochelle Rice- vocals; Mark G. Meadows- piano; Romeir Mendez- bass)

“I Am Light” (India Arie)

I am light, I am light

I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside
I am light

I am light, I am light

I’m not the mistakes that I have made
Or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind
I am light

I am light, I am light
I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age. I am not my race.
My soul inside is all light
I am light

I am light, I am light

I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light

Benediction (Rev. Green)

Even after this very beautiful reminder of the Light of Soul, and divinity defined, there is more.

We move now to our multi-voiced sermon and benediction in song, which is powerful medicine. It will take you even higher, and a warning, some of you are gonna need Kleenex!

 Many creative spirits of all ages are about to name how they keep going on, amidst all kinds of change, in this musical masterpiece of pandemic resilience. Deep thanks again to all those who created this service, and especially this wise video for the ages, the All Souls Keep Going On Song.

Music (Rochelle Rice, Eileen Findlay, Erika Landberg, Michael Milano, and Peter Montgomery, All Souls Choir, Children’s Choir; Dante Pope- guitar and keyboard)

“The Keep Going On Song” (Abigail and Sean Bengson)

This is the keep going on song

Good morning or afternoon or good evening
My name is Rochelle and I heard this song by Abigail
And Sean Bengson.
They captured so brilliantly what it’s felt like to be in the midst of global pandemic
The fear
The worry
The freedom and restriction

And so I combined my words with Abigail’s
And I invited some of my heroes to share there words
And I invited our young people to show us show us the way
To keep going

And we’ve been mostly healthy
And I want to thank God and my body for keeping me alive
Keeping me singing
Keeping me mostly sane
And keeping me going
Keep going

And there lots of things we lost. Opportunities and at times hope
But I learned that my greatest act of revolution is to love myself, eat good food, to laugh, and most of all to live
To show up!
Not be perfect, but present
To show up for my life
To keep going

And how about you?
Are you ok, are you alright
if your heart is breaking I hope its breaking open
And if your breath is shaking. I hope its breaking through
And I hope that you’ve watched a lot of really great television
Like a lot of it
And I hope that you find a hand lotion that actually makes your skin feel better
And I hope you have enough to eat
I Hope you’re getting enough sleep
I hope you have all you need
And I hope you have enough good company
Or enough good memory to last for a long time

This is the keep going on song

We’ve been living with so much hurt
Bullets and bodies hurling
So many painful feelings swirling
It’s hard to believe that something else might be unfurling

We’ve spent so much time

But finally, I think that we’re learning
That we are a great, wind-tossed tree
fed by a stream

‘Cause even through these terrible layers of screens
I can love you
And you can love me

I got my Fauci ouchie,
That’s what I’m ‘sposed to do,
But let me tell you ‘bout something that’s helping me get through.
I’m getting lots of shots,
Now don’t you call me mad,
I’m shooting life right through this lens
Now smile, don’t look so sad.
You’ve got to keep, keep, keep going,
Keep, keep, keep going,
Keep, keep. Keep going,
You gotta, You gotta
Keep, keep. Keep going,

This is the keep going on song

A tough year, a learning year
How kept on going? MADE A LIST! Going to READ it!
· Husband Jim – Great!
· Solitude – OK!
· Zooming to connect and communicate!
· Gratitude journaling
· Importance of Nature, Routines, Exercise
And ALL SOULS – really kept me going:
o Wonderful worship services – the music!
o Other Board Members
o Choir
o Coffee Hour
o Roots and Wings class!
Can we keep going on what was good? Learn from past?
Can’t wait be in person again with you all again!

Compassion is not a limited resource
Shower it on yourself
Shower it on others

There is no scarcity here
Only abundance
There is no need to even scores
Because there are no scores
This is not a game

Good words…
I need to remember them
I am avoiding being showered by compassion

This is the keep going on song

What a year it has been. So much sadness and loss. Friends and family. Time with each other. Touch. Human touch! Remember hugs? I remember hugs and I long for a joyful hugging world, because right now I am broken. I feel broken.
May my heart break open in compassion and empathy for others’ sorrow.
Open to the beauty of our world – Clouds, flowers, dogs,and beauty in one another. Yes, even now we’re beautiful. We may be tired and lost, but together we’re beautiful.
Together we are stronger. We can love longer.
Grateful that we are here to keep one another going on, and keep us all singing

This is the keep going on song

What gifts!
I hope here community is a place of richness and resources and justice
And perhaps you’re not ready
Perhaps you’re still a little scared.
Perhaps you’re filled with joy
Or relief
Or grief
Or pain
Or rage
I pray that our rage is fire that cleans our minds and makes us ready to listen
I pray our pain is a river that flow to the ocean that connects our pain to each other

And I pray that as we meet again
That we create a new world
And we’re gonna start
And a rough beginning is all we’ve got
And I hope that in this music and through this work
And we will feel little bit less alone
Truth is. whatever you’re feeling. It’s ok
I just pray you will be inspired to keep going

This is the keep going on song