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All Souls Suffragist Ball and Silent Services Auction

Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Recognizing who was left out

Recommitting to the work to do


Saturday March 21, 7 – 10 PM at All Souls


Come and dance the night away!

Build community by bidding on service items offered by All Souls Congregants!

Have a lot of fun!

$25/$12 for children 10 – 17/$10 for childcare for children under 10. Buy your tickets online.

Want to sponsor the event? Purchase sponsorships ($10 each) in addition to your tickets.

  • One sponsorship ($10) funds two plates of appetizers
  • Ten sponsorships ($100) help pay for the band
  • One hundred sponsorships ($1000) underwrite 10% of the projected costs!

All sponsors will have their names posted on the sponsor list. (Contact Gary Penn – gpenn@allsouls.ws – if you’d rather remain anonymous.)

Volunteer to help plan, publicize, or otherwise help.

Donate a service to the silent auction. 

The Suffragist Souls, formed after a suggestion by a child in our Religious Education program, will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with the Suffragist Ball—a fun chance to celebrate, build community, and be generous—and other events to educate and engage people of all ages around voting rights, women’s rights, and racial justice. Our goal is to tell the important, complex story of the fight for the 19th Amendment.

We will HONOR the 100th anniversary of the women’s vote, just as we RECOGNIZE the women with marginalized identities who were too often excluded by the suffrage movement. African American women faced racial discrimination and barriers to voting and were unable to register to vote in many states. Native American women were not considered US citizens until 1924 and so could not vote. And other women faced restrictions because of their race, birthplace, or nationality. Through the Ball and other activities, we will RECOMMIT to the ongoing fight against voter suppression and the struggle to ensure gender justice and racial justice for all.

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