SACReD Curriculum on Reproductive Dignity

All Souls Church is one of the founding sponsors of a new national organization called SACReD, the Spiritual Alliance of Communities for Reproductive Dignity. The mission of SACReD is to empower congregations to become loving, justice-seeking faith communities that fully support the fulfillment of reproductive moral agency and flourishing for all. SACReD has developed a curriculum to help participants deepen their understanding of the connection between faith, racism, and reproductive ethics, and to identify strategies and actions for liberation within religious communities and the larger world. Given that the Roe v. Wade decision hangs in the balance–and that many people have never had meaningful access to reproductive healthcare–it is a critical time to learn and to act. We will have participants from All Souls as well as other faith communities in DC, and we hope you’ll join in!

Participants are required to attend at least 5 of the 7 sessions, including the first one. There is no charge, but space is limited. Please register here


May 19 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Register Here
Register Here

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