October's worship theme is Community & Covenant

Richael Faithful: Remember When We Took Flight?

Do you remember when we took flight? When time collapsed onto itself in favor of our long-held hopes, hard work, and all that we prepared for? When, after all, we got what we wanted? Although our surroundings could still be harsh, and risked the danger being found, we remembered why we needed to be elsewhere, gathered our resources, and found our way. Do you—or rather—do we remember?

Join us in welcoming Richael Faithful to the pulpit during this hybrid, ASL interpreted worship service with music from Dr. Carl DuPont and the Jubilee Singers! Stay on the same Zoom link for social hour afterward or come to Pierce Hall for coffee hour!

About our guest: Richael Faithful (they/them) is lineaged folk and shamanic healer rooted in the African diasporic tradition of the US South known as conjure. Known as a “healer’s healer,” they bridge a generational gap between the old ways and the new ways in service to our collective liberation. Richael will enter Starr King School of Ministry in January 2024.


Oct 08 2023


10:30 am - 11:45 am

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