Why We Gather, Why We Give

Let us know what you can commit to All Souls in 2022-23

We invite you to make a financial commitment to support All Souls Church in the 2022-23 church year.

Simply choose one of the options above. If you’re not sure of your current commitment, feel free to contact Gary Penn (gpenn@allsouls.ws; 202.517.1465).

When you choose one of the above options, we will record your commitment and send you a confirmation and thank you. If the church currently draws your gift through automatic debit or credit payments, we’ll update your gift effective July 1, 2022.

You can fulfill your commitment in several ways:

  • Drop a check/cash in the plate on Sundays (when we start gathering again!) or mail them to the church.
  • Ask your bank to automatically send monthly checks to the church. (The church incurs no fees in this case.)
  • Set up online gifts through our system. (The church incurs fees, which you may elect to cover.)

Thank you again for your generosity to All Souls Church!