Rev. Norman Allen

Minister of Adult Spiritual Development

Norman Allen, Minister of Adult Spiritual Development


Norman is the interim director of adult spiritual development, responsible for organizing offerings in the ASD program for the fall, winter, and spring sessions.


Norman is no stranger to our community: a member of All Souls for more than a decade, he was ordained by our congregation in March. Entering his second year as part-time minister at Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Camp Springs, MD, Norman has helped shepherd that community through an exciting period of change and growth. Norman is deeply devoted to the history and traditions of Unitarian Universalism, and preaches often on the Principles, Sources, and rich legacy of our faith. As a former English teacher, department chair, playwright, and teaching mentor, Rev. Norm is uniquely suited to build upon the good work begun by Rev. Parker, and our Adult Spiritual Development Committee and Think Tank. To learn more, check out Rev. Norm’s website (