Voting Rights

Reeb Project and Voting Rights

Voting Rights Restoration Phone Bank

In 2016, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe took the historic action of restoring the right to vote of tens of thousands of Virginia citizens with prior criminal convictions, ending decades of disenfranchisement. The Reeb Project works to ensure that all citizens, especially those in marginalized groups, have the right to choose their leaders. Using lists provided by New Virginia Majority, come help us notify each disenfranchised Virginian that they can get their voting rights back. Bring a phone and a laptop or tablet and charger (if you have them).

Virginia Canvass Expedition

Spend an afternoon together registering voters in Northern Virginia for the upcoming election for Governor and House of Delegates on November 7. Virginia is one of the few states with general elections in 2017 and the deadline to register is October 16. Join us as we partner with New Virginia Majority to seek to expand the rolls of those who can exercise their voice. 1 - 5 pm.

Fair Maps Phone Bank

Join us to make calls on behalf of Democracy North Carolina and the Fair Maps campaign! Now that the courts have ruled some of the North Carolina districts were illegally racially gerrymandered, the state will need to draw new districts. The Fair Maps campaign is trying to get 50,000 NC voters to support an independent commission that will respect community input and avoid racial or partisan gerrymandering - so the voters can pick their representatives, not the other way around. We will be calling potential supporters from lists developed by Democracy NC.

Reeb Project Fall Kickoff

With election season upon us, join the Reeb Project after the Find Your Ministry Fair for an overview of how All Souls will be showing up to further democracy this fall. We will be discussing myriad ways to plug in and join the spirited efforts in DC, North Carolina, and Virginia!

Tools for Transformation Social Justice Leadership Training

Without any doubt, we know that the coming years will bring countless more threats to the principles we hold dear: racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, civil rights, and more. The best possible response to this extremist agenda is to get even more organized in our resistance! Tools for Transformation will be a crash course in how we can be more grounded, more courageous, and more effective in our congregational work for social justice.

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