Workshop Rotation


1. What is Workshop Rotation?

Workshop Rotation is a model of Religious Education in which the children experience the monthly theme/story through a variety of learning styles, by "rotating" each week to a different workshop in a different space.

2. Who leads the workshops?

Workshops are led by members of the congregation who have an interest or passion for a particular subject. Ex: nature, art, cooking, gardening, creative writing, games, yoga, meditation, science...Leaders usually lead the same workshop each week for 1 month (hopefully), as children of different ages cycle through.

3. What ages will be doing Workshop Rotation?

Currently Kindrgarten through 5th grade will be exploring Workshop Rotation on a weekly basis. High School and Middle School will participate at times and in ways as appropriate.

4. What is the role of the class teacher?

The teachers (or Leading Learners, as I like to call them), act as guides for their clas, and provide the consistency necessary for creating the "Beloved Community" with their class. They will also lead the reflections and discussions.

5. Will the classes have "homerooms"?

No. When the children arrive they will report to the Dining Room, where they'll meet their teachers. They'll begin by having snack then proceed to Children's Chapel, which takes place across the hall in the Spirit Room. Following chapel, the classes will go to their specified workshops for the morning.That's where parents/guardians will pick them up. Charts of who is where will be posted on the website and on the downstairs monitor.

6. On what will the content of the workshops be based?

The "core" of the workshops will be the monthly themes and said theme's accompanying story. Click through here for more information on theme-based workshop rotation from the UUA.

7. What will Middle School be doing?

Middle School will be exploring Unitarian Universalism as a religion, intertwined with the monthly themes. They will also be hosting events for the congregation at large.