Senior Minister Evaluation

Giving constructive feedback is one way that we as a congregation can be in right relationship with our senior minister, and so the Board of Trustees is asking for your valuable input. The senior minister was last evaluated in 2014 by the Committee on Ministry; this responsibility has now moved to the Board of Trustees’ Personnel Committee. The Committee invites the church’s members, friends, and staff to complete the Fulfilling the Call ministry performance evaluation tool, developed in 2013 by the UUA and UU Ministers’ Association. Your input is vital, as is everyone’s, so please take the time to complete the evaluation. Fulfilling the Call will be available on our website from Sunday, May 13, through Friday, June 15. Over the summer, the Personnel Committee and the Board of Trustees, using your feedback, will develop a thorough, thoughtful, and respectful assessment of the many duties of our senior minister. Questions? Contact Esther Strongman (