Glimpses of Threads

We may intellectually understand the concept of interdependence, but we don't often feel its truth. Our 7th principle encourages us to see our lives as part of and impacting the larger web of Life. What experiences do we have the help us see these threads of connection between and among all living beings? How might we bring those threads to the surface? How might the way we live change if we felt our interdependence more keenly?

Rev. Shana Lynngood has served as co-minister of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria, BC, Canada, with her wife since 2010. Prior to the move to BC, Shana served All Souls as associate minister for seven years (2003-2010). A native of the Philadelphia area and lifelong UU, Rev. Lynngood currently serves Unitarian Universalism as vice-chair of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (the UUA committee that approves ministerial candidates for ordination). Rev. Shana's passions include art and art history, jazz, and poetry. She and her wife parent two children, Athena, age 10, and Demetrius, age 3.

3 Apr 2016
Rev. Shana Lynngood