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2016 Annual Giving Campaign: It All Adds Up

The goal of the All Souls 2016 Annual Giving Campaign is $1.3 million. For some, this seems like a very large number. How can my monthly pledge of $50, $100, $200, or $300 be meaningful in achieving such a goal? Well, the answer is that it will take many pledges, large and small, to meet our church’s budget needs for the coming year. It all adds up. The church does receive some very generous pledges from a few individuals and families, and we are very grateful for these leadership gifts. We hope that some of you will consider being in this leadership category, if you are financially able to so. However, most of the church’s budget is supported by a larger number of smaller annual pledges from congregants who give what feels generous to them.

As of November 19, we have received 399 pledges totaling $937,550. With your help, we know we can reach our goal for 2016. Please join those who have already pledged by pledging yourself today or in the next few days.

You can go to to pledge online. Alternatively, you can complete the paper pledge form that is in the 2016 Annual Giving brochure. You can find the brochure in the pews. If you use the paper pledge form, remember to circle one of the four payment options. If you plan to continue automatic payments from the current year, we still need a 2016 pledge from you and hope you will consider an increase in your pledge. Because automatic bank and credit card draws initiated by the church are costly, we ask anyone paying their pledge to switch to initiating payment with their bank or to placing their marked pledge payment in the weekly collection plate.

Every pledge is vitally important, and any pledge amount that feels generous to you will help meet the church’s needs. Remember, it all adds up.

The Generosity Team

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