The Board of Trustees

The congregation of All Souls vests in the Board of Trustees the responsibility for supervising and directing the affairs of the church. Following the All Souls Church bylaws and a policy-based model of governance, which gives a strong charge to our professional staff and lay leaders, the All Souls Board of Trustees has three primary functions.

  • To maintain careful communication and consultation with the congregation
  • To establish policies and goals to guide All Souls' programs and management
  • To monitor the church's performance in carrying out those policies and goals

The Board of Trustees binder, which contains the church's governing documents, policies, and other important documents, is available to congregants at the front desk.

Recent Communications from the Board (click here)

Liaisons to Board-Supervised Committees

  • Audit: John Schuettinger
  • Committee on Right Relations: Bob Jayes
  • Investment: Bob Jayes

Internal Board Committees

  • Governance: Patricia Lambert, John Schuettinger, Georgia Yuan
  • Personnel: Russell Cross, Esther Strongman, Tracy Zorpette

The Board of Trustees

Thurman Rhodes
Tracy Zorpette
Tracy Zorpette
Vice President
Patricia Lambert
Patricia Lambert
Vice President
Russell Cross
Russell Cross
Vice President
Georgia Yuan
Esther Strongman, Trustee
Esther Strongman
John Schuettinger, Trustee
John Schuettinger
Robert Jayes, Trustee
Robert Jayes

Church Officers

Paree Roper, Co-Moderator
Paree Roper
Brenda Barron, Co-Moderator
Brenda Barron
Peg Barrett, Interim Treasurer
Peg Barratt
Interim Treasurer
Fran Jackson, Secretary
Fran Jackson
Jen Bruneau, Membership Secretary
Jennifer Bruneau
Membership Secretary
John Crowe, Assistant Treasurer
John Crowe
Assistant Treasurer
Elizabeth Ashwell, Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Ashwell
Assistant Secretary